Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thank God I'm Not A Celebrity

After this crazazy weekend, I'm surprised I'm not dead yet!!! Let me put it to you this way - I didn't get no readin' done.

H1 and his bride came in Friday, went to Salvo's for dinner. Let me tell you for the record - if you go to Salvo's for dinner, drink refills are not free. Did we notice that small print on the menu? NO. And they fill the cup to the top with ice before they put the beverage in, so you don't get much and they very generously offer to bring more drinks every time they stop by your table to check on you. In our case, that came to $50 in drinks. Sodas, not alcohol. Yeah, ouch. I will say their all-you-can-eat crabs and crawfish were excellent (and messy). Dipped in melted butter, yum. Then the guys went out to the strip bars with the groom and we ladies went to Bon Temps (don't think we missed the True Blood reference, 'cause we didn't!) and had drinks and caught part of Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonks.

Too early Saturday morning we got up and headed out to The Court of Two Sisters for a 40th Anniversary Brunch for Mom and Dad. It was wonderful, fine dining, the musicians played a tribute to Mom and Dad, and we sat and had totally inappropriate conversation for such lovely surroundings.

After that, we dropped the guys off at home and the girls went to Loew's Hotel for a mani/pedi (the bride picked black for her nails and mine are ho-red). Very relaxing and fun....then home for a few minutes rest and to get ready for the big event...

The Wedding. The bride wore red and the bridesmaids wore black. It was very sweet. The church was empty so Molly was able to run around without bothering anyone and the service was short but sweet. Dinner followed at Aunt Leni's Restaurant and it was delish. Originally we had planned to go out and party some more but our age is starting to show and we just hung out at home until we fell asleep.

Sunday we got up, got dressed, met the fam for brunch and H1 and SIL headed back to Houston with Ian in tow. The weekend went by too quickly! It was filled with fun, love, booze, "that's what she said", and general mischief. We miss you guys already!

Because a perfect weekend would be too much to ask for, Sunday afternoon I was caught by one of those "speed vans" on the side of the road. I was doing 45 in a 35 so I'm expecting my ticket in the mail next month. Yay me.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I solemly swear I am up to no good.....

I saw my first commercial on TV today for the next Harry Potter movie!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!! (*cabbage patch* Go Harry! Go Harry! Go!Go!Go!) I can't wait! With all the stuff I've been reading, I still have a special place in my heart for the boy wizard....and <3 Ron!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

What's in a name?

Me: The creepy kid in this book I'm reading is named Bridget.
J: The creepy kid in our house is named Bridget.

Ian: I think my leg is God punishing me for being bad.
Me: Nah, that was the Old Testament God.
Ian: Yeah, He was a smiter of smitees.

I want it now!!! Don't wanna wait!!!!

True Blood last night was FAWESOME!!!! It was funny, scary, and WTF all at in one juicy episode...Sookie and Bill! Sookie and Jessica! Lafayette and the vampires! Eric! Bill at the mall! Jason at Bible camp (shirtless, do they save $ on wardrobe costs?)! This episode went by way to quickly - I NEED MORE!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beauty is more than skin deep

Molly has a freckle in her diaper area. She's fascinated with it. Lately, when we look at her freckle while I'm changing her diaper, I think of the man who will one day see that freckle. I wish I could bring him back in time to see her now, to see how sweet and innocent and full of life she is. How she hides in plain sight, how she's afraid of the sound of the garbage truck, when she sings You Are My Sunshine before bed, how she hugs so tight you think you'll faint before she's done. I know she'll have heartbreaks, but I want him to see her like this, so he won't ever want to hurt her. To love that freckle as a part of her - to cherish her 'till they're old and grey with children and grandchildren. Forever.

Happy Father's Day

Happy Faja's Day to my Dad - Love you! You've always been an awesome dad. Memories of things like sitting on the back of the truck watching the lightening, the Halloween you dressed up and scared the crap out of the neighborhood ladies, having fun at the Mardi Gras balls, playing pong on your new Atari system....

One of the earlies memories I have of you is you holding me on your lap and watching cartoons early one morning while I was sick. I don't remember how old I was, but I was small and you were soooo big. You sat and rocked me and made me feel better. That's the Dad you'll always be to me.

Happy Father's Day to my husband. Thank you for my beautiful children (we do make cute kids!). I love you!
So, typical of my enthusiasm of planning things out, I stopped at the store on the way home from church this morning to buy Father's Day cards. While I was in the parking lot, J called to say he had picked up Taco Hell for lunch. So I take a short cut home, driving behind the strip mall to get to the main street. I pull to the side of the road behind the strip mall and pull out the card so the kids can all sign it before we get home. As Ian is sitting in the front seat signing the card, guess who pulls up next to the window and looks in? Yup - J was taking the same back road and pulled up to see us signing his last-minute card. Busted!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Officer H2!!!

See what happens when you google "old police"? hahaha!!!

Happy Birthday - Love you!
(ps - your flan was awesome!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy One Day Closer to Death!

As I write this, my two guys are in the kitchen making flan at the request of the Birthday Boy. When asked what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, H2 answered "Flan". So J went out to the store to buy the ingredients and he and Ian are in the kitchen cookin' it up. Fawesome!

I can't believe my little bro is going to be 30 tomorrow, makes me feel like I should go out and size up a casket. Dude, I changed your diapers!

Booking it...

SIL(H) gave me a really nice shout-out...to my new blog. Anyone who knows me knows how much I like to read, and SIL and I are always talking books. I've read so many I can't keep track anymore. I've been checking out other book blogs and enjoying them immensely, so I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and blog about the books I'm reading. It's a bit touch-and-go at this point - I'm not sure how to go about talking about the story without giving away the plot. I linked to a few of the blogs I check on a regular basis and really enjoy; I don't know what the protocol is so if they find out I hope it's okay. I mean, it's good to be linked right? As long as it's not a porn site? Yes. I think. No, really, it is. Yes. I've got my bookshelf over there too, as well as books I'm waiting to read and whatever I'm currently reading. I'm sure I'll tweak it a bit, but, well, it's an adventure, right?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fun, Friends, and Blood

The weekend went by so quickly!!! Saturday was kind of a lazy day for me (aside from the usual Saturday Chores). J went to the store and bought the kids one of those blow-up pools about the size of a bed. The girls played in it for hours - Saturday and Sunday, until Molly pooped in it! Oops! She did have a swimmy diaper on, but apparently that was not enough. Ugh.

Sunday H2F and I went to the mall to get dresses for H1 and SIL(H)'s wedding. We were both successful and can now knock one worry off my list. We had a fun day shopping and came home to J putting the finishing touches on our Mexican feast! Let me say this - J's flan came out perfect! His first try and it was awesome - raves all around!! H2 came over after work and DtM also came by. We ate, drank, and had fun until 8:00, then glued ourselves in front of the TV for Season 2 of True Blood. I enjoyed it - there were some WTF moments, and one plot point I thought they had gone over in Season 1, but all in all it was good. I think it's going to be a good season. The guys kept complaining there weren't getting any "cleavage", and the show kept showing men's butts (ass cleavage) and so the guys were grumpy - until the last few minutes when they got their reward for waiting (aww Sookie, Sookie now!). Also, my fictional boyfriend didn't get any screen time until the last 5 minutes (grrrr!!).

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Multiple Personalities

TRUE BLOOD SEASON 2 STARTS TOMORROW!!!!! (Just in case you didn't know) As I mentioned previously, H2 and H2F are coming over for dinner to celebrate. Right now, J is making flan for the first time. I think I've convinced him to let this be the "trial flan" so we can eat it tonight!!! mmm....

I started reading this new series (new to me, anyway) and the female lead is having a rough time. Her personal and professional life suddenly went into the crapper at the same time. I feel so bad for her. It's weird, when I really get into a story, it's like I feel what the characters are going through. I'm so upset for her....is that normal?

I'm thinking of doing a 2nd blog just for books. Comments?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

You see, what had happened was......

Ian asked me in the car today why I keep telling people what happened to his leg. Apparently telling people he's a gimp due to a Laser Tag injury is so not kewl. So we discussed a few replies:

1. He was helping an old lady who was being mugged and the mugger attacked him instead.
2. He fell into the swamp exhibit at the zoo and wrestled an alligator.
3. Was fishing with his dad and the Cracken got him.
4. Was bait for the police to nab a serial killer.
5. Stopped an assasination attempt on the mayor (immediately wished he hadn't).
6. Tried to stop a car from going over a fallen bridge.
7. Stopped a falling elevator, saving 2 ladies and a baby from certain death.
8. Fought Chuck Norris and lived to tell about it (nah - nobody would believe that one!!)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The One In Which Our Heroine Falls Into A Book.

Greetings and Salutations! As you might have noticed, I made a few changes to my layout. I've added a list of Fictional Boyfriends (none of whom can compare to J, of course - *rawr*!) and my girlfriend directed me to a cool new feature - a bookshelf! The ones on my shelf are ones I read recently and liked enough to buy. For the most part they are Book 1 of their series. I may switch things up a bit and put in books I'd like to read, or maybe books I've read but didn't like enough to buy, but for now I'll try it like this. Before you ask "Where's Edward Cullen on your boyfriend list?" I'll tell you this - although he's, like, 70-something, he's sorta 17 as well, and that just seemed creepy and illegal to list him as my fictional boyfriend, so he didn't make the cut.

I'd also like to mention a few goings-on from this weekend: We were at dinner with Mom and Dad, and Molly has this giant fake lipstick that she's been carrying around. Someone mentioned it was big enough for Angelina Jolie's lips, which led to the creepy octomom, which led to John and Kate plus 8. For the record, I don't watch the show, but can't miss all the magazines screaming "divorce, cheating, bitchiness!". Well, Ian says, "She's had 8 kids, I can't imagine her goods are looking so good anymore." At which point we all spit out our drinks and laughed. Ah, family dinners...good times.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Earlier this evening, I'm cooking dinner, and BB asks, "What's for dinner?" I tell her I'm cooking "sort-of Mexican (Mexican't) and I think she'll like it", to which she replies, "Well, there's always Chef Boyardee in the cabinet." Ouch - thanks for that vote of confidence, kid!

I noticed the other day that when couples are out together, the man usually drives. Sometimes it's the woman, but usually the man. Which leads me to this theory: The person who drives the car wears the pants in the relationship. Discuss amongst yourselves, I'll wait.

Thanks to my recent reads, I've come to another decision regarding my interaction with people. In addition to calling my home (or bedroom) a lair, my husband a mate and my children offspring, I like the idea of a boon (it comes up a bit in paranormal books). So, if you need any sort of favor, I'm happy to oblige, as long as you ask for it as a boon....'cause then I get to grant a boon. Cool!!!

I've been working at The Unnamed Government Agency's (TUGA) offices all week. Nothing glamorous - just copying microfiche. A LOT of microfiche. And everytime I think I'm done it turns out there's more to do!!! I had to laugh though, because I printed a page that came out okay but not perfect, and I looked at it and thought "eh, good enough for government work" then had to laugh as I was in a government office. haha - copying microfiche gives you a LOT of time to think up crap like that.

Since I've been at TUGA all week, my girlfriend told me she misses me! How sweet is that - usually we e-mail back and forth and talk during the day. Miss you too!!!

AND, J made me laugh this week. After all the grief and ribbing he gives me about my beloved Sookie books, he asked me when the next book would be out (the last book came out last month). I told him May 2010, to which he replied, "That's too long."

Check out my countdown - TRUEBLOOD season 2 starts next Sunday!!! Excited much? Hell yeah!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary Houston H's!!!!

Wishing you both many, many more!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Beat ya to it SIL!!!

Here's the New Moon trailer!!!

But this was pretty funny at the MTV Music Awards last night.