Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Density

Happy Birthday Jerrod!!! I know you will be working most of the day, but I hope your day is terrific anyway!

Thanks for catching up, now we're the same age again! I love you!!!

Laugh with me,not at me.

Well, thanks to Aunt S.'s book recommendation, I've been ignoring my blog, the television, and, to some extent, my life. Outlander was awesome - I'm waiting for the library to call and tell me they have the next few.

Kenny finished reading the Twilight series - he agreed it was a good book...not awesome, but he said he enjoyed it. Glad I could broaden your horizons, Kenny-son. (I don't think anyone's coming to take away your Man Card!) We're going to go see the movie while H1 and SIL are in town - can't wait!!!

BB's Quote of the Day:
We're watching Chuck, and one of the lead characters is a very shapely blonde. Somehow the conversation got around to her boobs and BB said something to the effect of J likes looking at her boobs.
J: "I'm not a boob man."
BB: "Oh, so you're a private man?"
I almost fell out of the chair I was laughing so hard.

The next morning: I'm driving the kids to school, and U2's "Beautiful Day" is playing on the radio. I ask BB if I should sing it to her as she gets out of the car to go into school. "No," she says, "Just say: Bye, BB. Get out."

The weather has recently gotten cooler, and so the air is a bit drier (yay for me!). Molly's hair, from where she pulls it, is short on top and longer in the back. Now that the air is drier, the short hair on top stands up, so she's got a cute punk-rock hairdo. (Can I say "punk rock" and "hairdo" in the same sentence?)

We had a great time with H2 and GF Sunday watching True Blood - the TV series is pretty funny in a camp sort of way:
Eric (1000 year old Viking Vamp): "I texted you three times and you did not reply."
Bill (less than 200 year old Confederate Vamp): "I hate using the number keys to type."

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Smack that ass!!*

*Oil company ass, that is.

The WalMart near my house has gas for $2.36/gallon. I filled up my tank for $30!!! (doin' the "smack that ass dance"!!)Woo-hoo!!!

Absolutely nothing going on for a nice change. H2 and GF are coming over for dinner and True Blood tomorrow. Did a little birthday shopping for J today - I'm actually excited about his gift (usually I'm not sure if he'll like it -this year I KNOW he will!!)


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

That's my Jam!!!

So, I'm leaving work today, and I see this guy, you know, stereotypical thug-looking guy with low riders and tank top and gold chains, holding this huge boom box on his shoulder. Looked very imposing, until I passed him. His music wasn't loud, so it wasn't until I was close that I (and the people I was standing next to) realized he was playing.......The Bee-Gees - Stayin' Alive!!! I was not the only one who laughed. That's all I'm sayin'.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I hope you're sitting somewhere comfortable, 'cause this post is gonna be a while.....NOT!!! This one's gonna be a quick peek into my brain, yet another view of my (not so temporary) insanity.

So here's the thing....Do you ever get into an elevator and wonder if one of the other occupants can read your mind? I know, I know.....but I wonder about that shit all the time. It doesn't help that the book I'm reading has a telepath as the main character, but this train of thought left the station a long time ago. So if I'm in an elevator, and someone else is there that I don't know, I think about (follow me here) not thinking about crazy stuff.

Maybe I should ask for a tin-foil hat for Christmas?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Things you learn by living in New Orleans*

*henceforth also known as "The Shit in the Stairwell Incident"

So. Maybe I've got a few phobias. I know, hard to believe, right? Well, here's the story:

I work in the "Heart of Downtown New Orleans" and I park in a garage about 9 blocks away, kind of on the fringe of downtown. Yesterday morning, as I exited my car and walked down the stairwell to the ground floor, I noticed that someone shit (shat?) in the stairwell. Yes, you read that right. Gross, right? So, later that day, I had to leave and come back. I stopped for lunch and had a frosty and delicious fountain Diet Coke to bring back to the office with me ('cause we all know how much I lurve Fountain Diet Coke!!!). As I entered the stairwell, I thought I was going to die - they sprayed the shit (literally, haha) with water and the smell was overpowering. It was disgusting. The first thing I did was throw away my beloved Fountain Diet Coke because there was no way my mouth was going near that straw that had Stank all over it. Very disappointing. Well, at the end of the day, I had to walk UP that same stairwell, in that nasty, nasty smell. So I held my breath. Walking up the stairs. Did you know that if you hold your breath while walking up two flights of stairs you get dizzy? Yeah, I didn't either. Now I do.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I lost The Game*

To those who asked, that last post was to H1/SIL(H). Not my (non-existant) boyfriend. Oh, and it was still working last night so hopefully H1's dates are a bit off and I can continue my enjoyment for a bit more.

Had a nice time Sunday night watching True Blood with H2 & GF. Man, that show sucked me in like quicksand. I ordered the books from Barnes & Noble, and guess what, they're all in EXCEPT BOOK 1!!!!! Damnit! Coincidentally, the books Aunt S. recommended are in at the library - EXCEPT BOOK 1. WTF?

In other news, Guaca-Molly was sick this weekend but is better now. BB was sick Monday and I'm feeling a bit under as I type. There is a pretty nasty stomach bug making the rounds here. Yuck.

Other than that, life as usual. Nothing new. Sorry folks.

*Damnit, K-leen!!! I lost The Game at 7:00 this morning. I was just minding my own business and thinking about life in general when it popped into my head. WTF??!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Thank You.

You know who you are. Thank you. Words cannot express.....Wow...Thank you.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm surrounded by vampires

What the hell? I'm not necessarily a big vampire fan. If I come across something I'm interested in, fine, but I don't go looking for vamp stuff. I like Anne Rice but never saw a single episode of Buffy or Angel (or whatever that last short-lived TV show was this year). I saw the first Blade but not the 2nd or 3rd.

But now, I'm surrounded. First of all the 3rd and final Twilight trailer came out last night. Damn, it looks awesome!!! I'm talking to you, SIL(H)! They released the trailer at 11:00 last night. Why was I up that late (twice in a week) you ask? Well....

I was up reading more of those damn "True Blood" (The Southern Vampire series) books last night. I read two in a day. They're pretty good - light reading, but entertaining. The funny thing is, if I had run across them in a bookstore or library I would have never picked them up because their titles are pretty lame - "Dead Until Dark", "Living Dead in Dallas", "Club Dead", but I'm hooked......They're pretty short compared to what I've been reading, so it's good there are 8 books in the series (so far).

Anyway, enjoy the trailer!!! (I know I did! I know, I know "nerd, party of one - over here")

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fangs for nothing.

Why, oh why, do I do this to myself? I am a girl who needs her full 8 hours of sleep. I am in bed by 10:00 every night, sometimes 9:30 if it's been an uneventful evening. Why so early? I get up at 5:30, so if I'm gonna get enough sleep then I gotta go to bed early. I know, I know, bo-ring. Well, last night J and I stayed up until midnight watching HBO's True Blood. We watched the first episode on the night it premiered, and I thought it was okay, but couldn't get past the bad southern accents (the story is set in Louisiana). I mean, come on, the main character's name (played by Anna Paquin) is Sookie Stackhouse - puh-lease!!! We had set the DVR set to tape the series, but the episodes have been piling up as I haven't really had any incentive to sit and watch them. Then, by chance H2 mentioned he and GF watch and enjoy them, so I decided to give them another chance, and watched the 2nd episode....then the 3rd.....then the 4th...then it was midnight and we still have one more episode to go to catch up!!! I can't wait to get home and watch it! The story is based on Charlene Harris' Southern Vampire Series (8 books to date) so now I'm itching to read those too. Don't get me wrong, it's not serious drama - it's kinda hokey but a bit gory (and it's HBO so there's quite a bit of sex) and there is a plot twist coming regarding a certain character but I haven't figured out how it's gonna twist yet.

I'm hooked, damnit!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The one where I bitch and moan and then get over it.

Lately I feel like I can't keep up. The cats are a bit more work that I had anticipated, Molly is at that age where she is literally running all over, and now that school is back in session we have a lot going on. BB already has a girl scout field trip scheduled (a 5-hour trip to Gonzales I might add), and the birthday party invitations are pouring in. Homework has to be checked (J mostly does this and I love him for it!). Lunches have to be made. I do one large load of laundry every day and about 4 loads on the weekend (sheets and misc), dishwasher every 2-3 days, clean the bathrooms (basics only - truthfully I'm mortified when people come over and use them because they really are gross) and change bed linens on Saturdays, sweep and swiffer as needed (which is a lot more with the kitties) and continuously pick up toys, books, games, and empty water bottles. I feel like it's a never-ending cycle and I'm not keeping up. Like a mound of trash and dirt are slowly covering me and I'm drowning underneath it. Every evening when I walk into the house after work I see what I should be doing to make it right, clean. I'm embarassed to admit that I can't remember the last time I dusted. J graciously suggested getting someone to come in every two weeks to help. That would be awesome!! But... Ian needs braces, and our stove and washing machine are in the process of dying. So, as much as I REALLY would like to jump on the domestic assistance wagon, I don't think we can. But I WANT it!!!!!!

Well, !*&^%!

Yeah, that's right, I said it !*&^%! Um, no, actually, I think Molly said it - yesterday. We were in BB's room, and Molly knocked over a toy boat. We both said "Uh-oh", then Molly finished with "Oh Shit". Yeah, I can't blame that one on anyone else but me. I say that A LOT. A LOT LOT. So, I sit here now with a rubber band around my wrist, determined to break myself of that habit. I can see it now "Oh shit!" SNAP! "Oh shit! That hurt" SNAP! "Oh shit (SNAP) Damnit!!" Yeah, that's going to go well.

Oh - I read a great book this weekend. I've been trying to find something to read to get myself out of the Twilight universe, and up until this weekend had been unsuccessful. I checked out three books at the library, but only read the first few pages of one and couldn't even bring myself to open the other two (The Tortilla Curtain, Beloved, and Angela's Ashes, respectively). There is a theme to these books - they're all depressing. Which is why I couldn't read them. On a whim, I picked up a copy of The Time Traveler's Wife - it was terrific! In addition to being a love story, there was a lot of discussion about theology, literature, theories of time and space, and punk rock (and a bit of sex sprinkled in). And now as I look up the link I see it's being made into a movie! I want to recommend this book to a particular friend, but I'm afraid he might be a bit of an intellectual snob and am therefore hesitant to suggest it to him. But I'm relatively certain he would enjoy it. I'll have to decide if I want to suggest it and risk his thinking I'm a low-brow idiot. Although it's possible he already does.

Yesterday, while trying to finish the last few pages of the book, I asked BB to play with Molly for 10 minutes so I could finish. They're running around the house, and as I finish the last page, I hear a thud and a piercing cry. Molly fell and BB fell on top of her, causing Molly to bite her upper lip. Of course there's blood everywhere (ironically getting blood on the Twilight t-shirt I was wearing) but she's fine. She does have a puffy upper lip and a scab front and center, but she's eating and I don't plan to give her any hot peppers anytime soon so she should be fine.

I am now excitedly awaiting the call from the library that my next reading adventure, The Outlander Series, is in. This series was suggested by Aunt S., and looks like it will be good.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Great Balls of Fire!

BB had me laughing several times last night....First, I was bathing her and Molly in the tub (yes, I'm still her tubber). Completely out of nowhere, she asks "What would happen if a bug got in your privates?". Oh my Lord the things that child comes up with! I just explained our bodies are designed to keep that kind of stuff out and if it did actually happen it would be incredibly unusual and she shouldn't worry about it and keep her panties on. Later that evening, we were watching House, and a male patient unexpectedly grabbed a female doctor and was trying unsuccessfully to sexually assualt her (she ended up punching him in the nose)...BB says, "If that was me, I'd kick him in his balls." Whoa, where'd that come from. So, then we explained that "balls" is not really polite to use in mixed company, especially not by a seven-year-old girl and she could possibly get in trouble for using that term in school.

New topic: Apparently I missed out on some e-mail communication regarding our upcoming family reunion this summer. SIL(H) and I have come up with a BRILLIANT solution: Forks! Or, we could go to Volura, Italy.... Just a thought (obsession)....

And, I have some bad news. SIL(E) gave me an awesome travel cup - too cute, blue with brown dots and the initial P in monogram-style script. No, that's not the bad news. The bad news is, Monday night it disappeared from my desk. No clues or ideas as to where it's gone. I'm very sad...