Sunday, August 26, 2007

Grab a drink, a snack, and your bunny slippers, you're gonna be here awhile...

How about I just dive right in...

Ian - it's so weird to realize he's growing up. We were watching the Saints preseason game the other night and he was talking with the guys and mentioning plays and players from last year!!! I can't even tell you who's on the team now! He had a pretty good grasp of what was going on and kept up with the conversation very well. Speaking of football, he's joined the football team at BMHS (I think - if I understood correctly, you don't have to try out). And boy howdy, what an attitude!!! He goes from being sweet and lovey to shooting daggers out of his eyes!!! But he is still a good boy, I hope we have laid (lay? lain?) a good foundation that will last through the teenage years.

Bridget- Jeez Louise! She is a pip!!! Her newest obsession is Webkinz. It seems to be a children's version of The Sims, except you have to buy the stuffed animals and charms, etc. to be able to play. They are pretty cute, but I can tell I'll be over this before she will! Also, she's been playing cards with my father-in-law. She is "teaching" him to play some game I never heard of before called "Garbage" and suddenly she yells out "Okay, Grandpa, it's time to Smoke out the Bees!!" I almost fell off my chair laughing, she comes up with some crazy stuff! Using "crazy" as a segue...She asks me today in the car if I think Texas is crazy. She then proceeds to tell me everyone in Texas IS crazy, except Uncle Mike-but, he only uses toilet paper with lotion in it. (WTF?!! Where does she get this stuff?) BUT, the strangest thing she told me the other day...out of the blue, she says "Brown (meaning African-American) people are mean." I said no, honey, they're just like you and me, and she stated 4 specific incidents that we had witnessed recently of black folk yelling at their kids, and one instance where a mom screamed at her kid and left him in the car while she went into the store (If I had known she went into the store, and not driven away as I had thought, the police would have been informed - BB states the kid was around her age. This particular incident has apparently really bothered her as she has mentioned it on a few occasions.). While I am constantly amazed at her scope of memory, and find the way she pieces together her information very interesting, I could not in good conscience let her continue with this train of thought. So, while I explained to her that people of all races can be mean to their kids, I'm pretty sure she doesn't believe me.

and finally, Molly - she has a toy iPod that she brings with her EVERYWHERE. She really is a member of this family. She loves it - she even dances while it plays children's songs. It's really cute. Also, she loves peek-a-boo. She'll duck under a table or behind a chair and then stand up and say her version of the word, which sounds pretty close, actually. She's getting cuter every day. She's got a new baby (6mos) at daycare, and I hear she's a bit jealous!!! Hahaha - it's good for her!!!

I went to Superior Grill with Mom and Dad Friday, turned into a disaster - had to leave before we ever got our food. But, the company was good. I love my lunch dates with Chiamomandpop. On the way back to work, I saw my first anti-abortion rally. It was not what I expected - just 4 men and a sign and a blowhorn (or whatever those things are called). Pretty pathetic. I think everyone who reads here knows I am pro-life, but if you're gonna have an anti-abortion rally, I feel like there should at least be one woman there. Call me old-fashioned, but it's just not the same. I know, I know, father's rights and all that, it just seems hollow when it's all men who are doing the protesting, that's all I'm sayin'.

And, lastly, many of you know the in-laws came in last week. It has been a pleasant, uneventful visit, however, my not-quite-OCD has been on full throttle all week!!! If you think I'm bad on a normal day, you should see me when there's a house full of people. That's all I'm sayin'.

I don't have much to blog about J - he got back from his two-week trip and was only home for 3 days before we got company. Needless to say we haven't had any time alone with each other, so I am looking forward to that, especially as he leaves for BR again on Sunday. Hopefully he remembers who I am when he gets back. Maybe I should slip a photo in his wallet?

Oh, KenEllie, your cat's new name is Tinkle-bot.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Things you see on the back of a boda-boda

A "boda-boda" is a bike (sometimes bicycle, sometimes motorbike) used as a "taxi" in Uganda. We saw many strange things on the back, including farm animals and a coffin. Lately, I've been seeing things here on trucks that, this far post-K seem normal, but to a newcomer might seem weird. These include: a house (yawn, see those every day at this point), a double-sized classroom (saw this one with BB in the car this weekend, she was amazed), a giant dog in a bikini (yes, saw that one on the Earhart overpass - even Post-K that one's not normal), and your everyday, average furniture. Last week, I saw a big pre-fab house being brought in, then the next day it was on the slab and by the 3rd day there was a 1/2 second story! It looked just like it had been there forever!

I was driving to work today and thought that even though it might be politically incorrect, I'd really like to go to the Civil War Museum (formerly the Confederate Museum). I think it would be interesting and I'm pretty sure the kids would like it. (yup, we start 'em young here - trips to the Civil War Museum are their first step towards indoctrinatin' them into the "Southern Culture")

Friday, August 17, 2007

Did you hear the one about the virgin who...

BB and I are at "New School Orientation" and the principal is giving a speech. She says that she starts off every day with a joke, and the students can go home and give their version to their parents at the end of the day. BB turns to me and says "You better laugh at my virgin joke". It was all I could do not to laugh out loud in the middle of the orientation!

Both kids like their schools after the first day. Hopefully as the days pass they will continue to like their schools. So far I am pleased, I feel like we're off to a good start.

No word yet on whether or not the in-laws are coming this weekend. I was thinking about working Sat but may blow it off. I'm not gonna see my hubby on a non-work day for two more weeks, then he's gone for another week. I'm starting to wonder if he's hiding a second family! I told him his punishment for leaving me for so long was to take me to see Becoming Jane , but he thinks the punishment is too harsh for the crime!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This is the part where I lecture and you listen...

Pontificate....did the usage come about because of the Pope, or did the word Pontiff come about after the verb?

I was walking out of my building today and the window/construction guys were walking in, speaking Spanish. I thought to myself, I wish I could speak Spanish. I was in line at Walmart, and there were several groups of Spanish-speaking people in lines near me. I thought to myself again, I wish I could speak Spanish.

I am assuming (yes, I know: making an Ass outta You and Me)most of the Hispanic people in the N.O. area at this time are Mexican. I am assuming they came here from Mexico (or Texas?). Driving to Brother Martin the other day we saw day-laborers waiting for work, mostly (all?) Hispanic. And I started thinking, why are people (Americans) so threatened by them? Because they are willing to learn a second language? Because they are willing to work hard to support their families? Yes, I've seen the e-mails about the Mexicans who come just to collect welfare and have babies in the U.S., and I'm sure there are some people like that. But do you remember shortly after Katrina, and even recently, all those e-mails about how N.O. evacuees were greedy and lazy? How we turned our noses up at offers of free food, lodging, and work? That we only wanted checks? 9 times out of 10 it was either blatantly not true or there might have been a nugget of truth that got twisted and grew. Yes, there was/are bad apples, but compared to how many of us got our shit together and did what we had to do, that number is small. Where were the e-mails about the evacuees who successfully managed to make some semblance of a life elsewhere, greatful for any help they received? I don't remember seeing any of those.

After the storm (or is it The Storm?), when the day laborers started moving in, the "taco trucks" came soon after. They provided a valuable service and familiar comfort food to the new occupants of our town. The locals started frequenting these trucks as well. Now, they are being chased out of Jefferson and Orleans Parishes. If they were smart, the city would license these guys - I'm sure the licensing fees and taxes would be a nice chunk of change, and everyone would be happy.

Mexico has wonderful history, culture, and food. I would love to talk to these new occupants of our city and hear their stories of where they came from and what they have planned for the future. Will I? Probably not, but that is because don't talk to strangers, not because I don't talk to THOSE strangers.

Remember this post the next time you decide to forward one of those hate-filled diatribes about how all the Mexicans are trying to take over America and make us pay for it. Take out the word "Mexican" and insert "Black", "Vietnamese", or "Jew", and you'll realize you've seen it all before. It's ignorance, shabbily disguised. See it for what it is.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ahhh, what to write?

Yup, that title pretty much sums it up. I don't understand how I can be so busy, yet have nothing to write about...

Work has been crazy busy, (but I still love it!) Allequat has apparently made himself a nest, so I guess he's happy too. SIL(H) tells me the boss is happy with me, so that makes me happy, too.

Home, where to begin? J has been out of town since Sunday 8/5 (with a brief interlude Wed evening) so of course I miss him dearly. Molly is sick, runny nose/not sleeping. J should be coming home Thursday or Friday, possibly the same day the in-laws show up? Not sure how long they'll be here, sleeping arrangements, etc. They haven't met Molly yet!

School - oh my God!!! Ian has orientation Tues, so I have to leave work to get him to school by 10 am- Chiapop has generously offered to babysit BB, since my regular babysitter (Ian) will be at school! Then Wed I have to leave work in the afternoon to go to BBs orientation at her school. Then, Ian and BB both start school Thursday, I think Chiamom is going to bring Ian to school? But then BB gets out at 11:00 - what kind of bullshit is that?! Not sure how I'm going to handle that situation, as Chiapop will be back at work(?)and J will not be back from Kansas City yet. Hopefully he'll be able to take Ian to school Friday, b/c Chiaparents will be in Ohio at cousin R's wedding!!! Then, I have evening orientation for each school. I forgot when, I'll have to look it up later...

Oh yeah, guess what? I found my original ipod nano tonight! It was in my Saints purse - I swear I looked there 72 times!!! On the plus side, now I can move my music that was in the original into the second one (if someone will show me how, hint hint). Maybe I'll give it to BB? Any suggestions? I am pretty sure Ian won't want a hot pink ipod!

I feel like I'm forgetting something. Must have been a lie.

Molly's first birthday is coming up soon - I can't believe she's been here almost a year! It's really gone by so fast. I've really been blessed with beautiful children - all 3, inside and out. All the bullshit and school and tantrums aside, I'm very thankful for them all.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hair today, Gone tomorrow

Hmmm...where to begin? We all got haircuts this weekend, except Molly. Ian got his "I got to grow my hair all summer but now that school's about to start it's gotta get chopped" cut, J and BB got trims, and my hair is now between chin/shoulder length. It's not exactly what I wanted but it's a good transitional cut until I can get rid of this perm. SIL(E) went today to get her hair cut off for "Locks of Love", but I haven't heard from them so at this point I don't know how it went. I know she used to have short hair, but I've never seen her without long hair, not even in pictures. I'm curious to see how she looks!!!

J and I had a wonderful anniversary date. The Mexican was kind enough to come over and babysit. We started out at Fire of Brazil and had drinks and dinner. Then we walked around a bit before settling on a carriage ride through the quarter, and rounded off the night with drinks at Napoleon House. It was so romantic and fun!!

Picked up my Beta fish to bring to work. We had a fish at Children's that I found very relaxing, so I thought once I passed the '12-week mark' I'd go out and get one. It's now been 12 weeks+ so I picked up "Allequat" this weekend and will bring him to his new home tomorrow. Can't wait!

Here's something that's been bobbling around in my head for a few days: Long story short, the crackhead that lives across the street from my parents (refresher: he stabbed his lover to death not too long after the storm and claimed it was "natural causes" and apparently because his parents have connections he is not in jail). Well, he went to jail again last week for buying drugs (sidenote: he's out of jail already). But here's the thing. He rode his bike to the drug buy. I don't know why that strikes me as funny. You're not supposed to ride your bike, you either walk or drive over in your car. I'm sure there's some unwritten drug dealer rule that you don't ride a bike over to buy your drugs. It just seems, I don't know, wrong. I mean, yes, buying drugs is wrong, but this is like two wrongs...not making a right. (Sorry, couldn't resist) Anyway, I just have a mental image of this skinny cracked-out guy riding over on his big red bicycle with a basket on it (a la Pee Wee) and it cracks me up (no pun intended).

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Wow, 15 years - where has the time gone? I don't see how it can already have been 15 years...I don't feel old. If it weren't for the fact that our boy is 14 I wouldn't believe it has been that long. I guess he's irrefutable proof!

At this point in our lives, we've been together longer than not (if you include dating). I see us in the future as the cute old couple that takes walks in comfortable shoes while holding hands.

I love you, baby. Here's looking forward to 15 more years together, and 15 more after that, and 15 more after that....

Update..he sent me flowers!!! 15 beautiful roses mixed with lillies (very cool vase) and his message made me cry. I love you!!!!