Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Maggie!!!

('cause I know that's what you look at work all day!)

Happy Birthday - the whole world celebrates on your birthday!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Just a few things floating around that I keep forgetting to post:

I tried to get myself kidnapped last week. The shuttle that takes me to the garage uses a white van during the day when it's slow. I was reading a book while waiting for the shuttle, and when it pulled up I grabbed the handle but it was locked. I tried again and looked up at the driver, who was waiving his hands in the universal "no" sign, and then realized that it was not the shuttle van but a random white van. Holy cow - I could have been on the back of a milk carton!

Also last week, the guy in the drive-thru window at McDonaldshad better eyeshadow than me. He was totally working the "smokey eye" look and I wanted to ask for lessons! He also had great jewelry - necklace, bracelets, and a cute funky belt. The only thing that ruined his look? His beard. Yes, beard.

Last night, J and I were laying in bed talking. I was cold (as usual) and he was warm (as usual) and when I put my hands on him he jumped. So I warmed my hands up a bit and put them on him again. "Is that better?" I asked...."Better than what? A corpse?" was his reply.

Then he said, "You're going to blog about this, aren't you?" Just because you're right doesn't mean you're not an ass. But you're my ass and I love you!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Happenings. And stuff.

Okay, Christmas is over (sort of) and New Year's is upon us (sort of). I guess what I'm trying to say is "Yay! I survived Christmas!" I'm very much looking forward to going to Houston on Wednesday. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and my boss to tell me I can't go....

Just going to hit some of the holiday highlights:

<----I read a book called "Sweet Restraint" by Beth Kerry. Usually, when I am reading a book, I'll leave it on the counter by the telephone where I sit when I read. Ian (age 16) took one look at it and said, "Uh, Mom, I've gotta ask..." to which I replied "You don't want to know." His reply? "Oh yeah, I think I DO want to know!"

So that's how I ended up spending Christmas Eve discussing the differences between Bondage and Dom/sub with my teenager.

Christmas morning, after the stockings were opened and we were sitting down to open the presents under the tree, Ian, the "official gift passer-outer" gave Molly her first gift. She opened it and was soooo excited. Then, she put it down and said "Ian, be a good brother and give me another present." She sure catches on quick!!!

For Christmas dinner, we ordered a ham from a ham place, and also ordered a dessert - Chocolate Mousse Cake. BB tells SIL(H) - "You'll never guess what we got for dessert! I'll give you a rhymes with Bocolate Bousse Bake". she couldn't guess ;)

<----As I may have mentioned here before, Bridget (age 8) is obsessed with RPatz (AKA Edward Cullen). So she asks me, "How old is Robert Pattinson? He's old, right? Like 45?" I tell her no, he's 23....
"Oh good, he's the perfect age for me!" (Oh, God, please give me strength now for when she's a teenager!!!)

Oh - I may have mentioned we were adopted by a cat last week. He hung around at the back door looking so pathetic. Our cats didn't like him at all, they'd stand at the door and hiss at him. Well, he got in and made himself at home - we can't get rid of him! We were thinking about keeping him, he is very sweet (and sooo skinny!) but this cat shits more than any other living thing. Every time I turn around he's in the cat box. I thought it was just my imagination but J said the same thing!! Well, as it turns out, I've gone from cleaning the cat box every 2-3 days to about twice a day and it's killing me. I think we're going to give it to my mom if her offer still stands....Mom? Mom? Are you there? I see your feet poking out from behind the curtain....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Brenda!

¡Feliz cumpleaños Brenda!

Monday, December 21, 2009

For all you last minute shoppers...

I was running through google, looking for pics for a post on my book blog, when I came across this:

Apparently it was popular enough for this:

If you're sorry you missed it (they apparently only did 2007 and 2008, but there is a website), you can always get the T-shirt:

"You'll just dig'em!" *snort* hahaha - that's awesome!
(It is for a good cause though, but still....hahaha!)


Ignore this.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

No, really....he did!!! Okay, maybe I just want him to...
I love you Dad - Happy Birthday!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Having one of "those days".
Please, God, just let me get through the rest of the day unscathed, Amen.

Tuesday Tidbits

First, let's start with
GEAUX SAINTS!!! 13-0!!!

This one's for you Hannah, you're welcome!

And I didn't forget the menz:

(I don't know who these girls are but I know that I hate them)

The Holiday Party Saturday night was nice - we almost didn't make it due to street flooding, but thanks to J's mad driving skillz and flashing police lights we got there just fine. Afterwards, we went to some bar downtown near H1 and SIL's hotel. It was surreal. I guess because I haven't been to a dance bar in years. If we go out, it's usually to some hole-in-the wall where we can sit and drink and hang out. Standing at this bar watching all the people made me happy I'm not at that point in my life anymore...I can remember when it used to be fun but now? Nah, I'll take the crappy old bar with stuff on the walls that's older than I am.

Many, many, many thanks to H1 for bringing me a replacement laptop. I was starting to get the shakes from laptop withdrawal! J's already teasing me about my addiction.

Last night I was in the bathroom with Molly while she pooped on the big toilet (yay!) and I said, "I love you boo-boo." She said "poo poo?" and I said, "no, boo-boo". "Poo poo?" "No, Boo Boo" "poo poo?" I finally said, "how about if I call you moo-moo?" and she said "No. My name is Molly-moo."

It has become an annual trip for us at New Year's and 4th of July to visit H1 and SIL in Houston. The apartment we usually stay at in Houston is booked this year, so we're going to stay at a hotel this time - the one we're looking at has an indoor pool so the kids are happy. The hotel is right next door to the Galleria so I am happy. Me: Right next door? Yay - I can get drunk and walk to the Galleria! J: No freakin' way am I letting you get drunk and then wander off to spend money!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Damn, H1, third time's a charm!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hey H1 - Yesterday was your birthday, but today you suck!

I'm standing in the kitchen this morning and Molly-moo is asking for a snack. I offer her a fruit roll-up ('cause it's got fruit in it so it's okay for breakfast, right?)

Me: You know who loves fruit roll-ups? Mike and Hannah.

Molly: That's MY Michael......He's my favorite.

Now I don't feel so guilty about making you babysit Molly while I steal your wife and we go see New Moon!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Michael!!!

Boba Fett and Jaime say to have a happy birthday - you'd better listen!

Happy Birthday little brother! I love you man!!!!!!!
(I think the photograher was drunker than we were!)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I'm 39. Yikes - I'll be 40 next year! But really, I don't think that's old, is it? Old is when you need a walker and Depends right?

Technology is making me feel old. I love my blogs, but my book blog keeps throwing new stuff at me. Between blogging and checking out other blogs for comments and recommendations, I've found Twitter, Goodreads, and Shelfari. I got my shelfari up and running a while back, but now ignore it... I want to do Twitter, but until I get my laptop fixed I'm not going to attempt that. I just joined goodreads, and it's got me a bit stumped. I know, I know, I just have to get used to it, but I hate fumbling around like a 16-year-old boy trying to get to 2nd base.

It's not that I hate computer technology - I just kind of ignored it when it was breaking out of the gate. I remember when my dad got his Atari, and I remember my husband on his Commodore 64 doing bulletin boards. It was fun - I tried playing King's Quest when my dad got a PC, but got tired of all the commands having to be so specific (hey H1 - remember we used to tell it things like "pick your nose" or "kill yourself"?), so I'd turn back to my trusty books. As a teenager, I didn't play video games (Pac Man, Centipede, Donkey Kong), I read books.

So, maybe I screwed up by not playing video games? Because now any time something goes wrong with my technology I have to turn to someone else to fix it. Grrrrr! I look at the manuals and it all looks like squiggly lines and symbols. I'm not old (I don't think), but these computers make me feel like a fossil!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Where's my Calgon?

Last weekend was the best of times and the worst of times...

It started Wednesday with Molly barfing her brains out before and after bedtime. Then Saturday night BB barfed her brains out. Ian didn't go to his new job Sunday because he was too busy barfing. BUT, I think we're done now and hopefully J and I have been spared.

We did get some Christmas shopping done Saturday (I'm pretty sure Santa is getting me a cordless keyboard for work - yay!) and we bought our Christmas tree. Sunday J went to a friend's house to watch the Saints (WHO DAT!!! 12-0 Baby!!) while I stayed home with the girls and decorated the tree. I must say it looks very nice. The only thing is that our tree skirt, which is a piece of shiny material that I just bunch up under the tree, is very entertaining to the cats and we can't keep them away from it. I keep finding it all over the house!

Oh, and remember that Christmas when I decided a mountain lion had peed on our Christmas tree? J thinks it smells like that again this year and maybe it's that mysterious juice they sell to put in your tree water. I'll check when I get home today and see if it smells weird.

Friday, December 4, 2009

And So It Has Begun...

I realized today that the Holidays have started and we're going to be busy for awhile - whereas the rest of the world winds down after New Year's Day, we here in New Orleans keep right on going! Mardi Gras season starts Jan 6 (12th Night) and ends on Fat Tuesday, which this year is Feb. 16. So, I can already tell that from approximately February 5 - Feb 16 I will be operating on 0 hours of sleep - look - the parade schedule is up already!!! I'm tired already.

J and I haven't started Christmas shopping yet so we need to get on the stick about that. He put up the lights last weekend and they look great. All colorful and tacky. I hate white Christmas ornaments - that's for the adults. When you take your kids out to look at lights - they don't oooh and aaah over the sophisticated white lights - they want tacky, colorful Christmas fun. We have the regular lights, and then we have the "Cajun Chandeliers":

(unlit) They're see-through plastic cups glued together and filled with lights

They look like this in the dark(Got the image here - no I don't know those kids)

I think we're going to get a tree this weekend and the following weekend is my company's holiday party and H1 and SIL will be in to visit! We're soooo not ready!

Hmmm...thinking about Mardi Gras makes me think I should ask Santa for a nice, custom built Mardi Gras ladder this year. It needs to be sturdy, a platform more than a ladder per se, have drink holders, hooks for the "throw" bags, and a place to put a cooler. And a sturdy railing that the kids can't fall from. Is it doable?
Oh - and look how cute Molly looks in the coat and hat SIL's mother sent:

Isn't she precious?!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy 23rd Birthday Mom!!!

Happy Birthday Mom!
Have a wonderful 23rd birthday (again, and again, and ...oh, call me and tell me again how old you have to be before you get to pick your own age - I'm ready!)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

'Dis and 'Dat

Okay, first for the WHO DAT!!!!! 11 - 0 Baby!!!! The Saints are unstoppable! Woo-hoo!
This city is on a high like it hasn't had in years. I left work a few minutes after 5:00 yesterday, and the traffic (foot and car) was so thick it was crazy. I decided it would be quicker to walk to my car than wait for the garage shuttle to try to get through the traffic, and the fans were everywhere - it was pretty awesome. One of the bars was all set up to screen the game onto the wall of the building across the street for the patrons to hang out on the sidewalk and watch the game.

J stopped at this cool T-shirt shop on Magazine Street - Storyville. They had some really great stuff (insert whatever copyright legalese goes here - property of Storyville, etc). They have a huge selection of local stuff (NO, Houma, Baton Rouge, Austin TX):

So, it's pretty cold here today and Molly had an accident at the babysitter's so she's wearing a shirt, sweatshirt, and shorts when I pick her up. I have to stop at the store to pick up some soda, and I'm in line with the 3-year-old, holding two 12-packs of soda and a box of oreos (potty bribes), when the manager walks to the other register and tells me he can ring me up. He proceeds to lift the 12-packs from my hands so I don't have to juggle, then, after he rings me up, carries them out to my car in the rain! Wow - I will recommend that store to anyone and everyone I know! I've got to go back and get his name so I can contact their central store to praise him...All I can do at this point is describe him - he was huge, like he used to be a football player or something, so they'd probably know who I was talking about but I'd rather get his name.
Potty training is going okay, I guess. She's still fighting it but this afternoon she used the potty twice without saying anything - she just went straight to it and pulled down her pants and went!! I almost wept. I think she's doing it for the bite-sized snicker bars.
And I'll leave you with this: My parents and one of my brothers and his fiance came over for dinner the other night. My dad was valiantly trying to fix my computer (didn't succeed) and my brother was giving him a hard time about it. I said to him "Hey H2 - No one likes a dick." 5 pairs of eyes looked at me and as their mouths opened to reply, I said "Wait. I mean, only some people like a dick. But not everybody. Grrr...You know what I mean..."