Saturday, November 29, 2008

Obsessive Compulsive

Thanksgiving was nice. I woke up sick but managed to make it through the day. We had dinner at Chiamom/pop's house with Mom/Dad/H2/H2GF and us. You know it's gonna be a good time when you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, Grace is said, and H2 launches into a story about drunkeness, dancing with gays, and peeing outside. It's all about the Herrick family dinner story!

Friday J and I were both off and the plan was to go shopping for "Black Friday", but I am still sick, so we stayed home and watched all 7 episodes of HBO's Generation Kill. If I understand correctly, it's the story of one company's first 40 days in Iraq. I don't normally like war-type stuff, but I enjoyed this. There was a lot of cursing. A. Lot. Of. Cursing. But, still I enjoyed the story. Is that right? Can I say that? I mean, it wasn't fun-fun happy time, it was (is) war, but I liked the characters and the way they were portrayed. I don't think I'll read the book but I wonder if J (or guys in general) would like that?

It's interesting the way Generation Kill came onto my radar (get it, military reference, radar, haha) is that one of the actors from Twilight was in it. Then, I found out my new boyfriend, who plays my beloved Eric in TrueBlood, was also in it. I didn't realize he played one of the main characters, so that was a nice bonus! Plus, I think it's funny that two of the actors from this series went on to play vampires so soon after this project.

So today J is back to work and I am still sick, and we all get back to our regular routine Monday (with no True Blood Sunday night - wahhh!). BUT, Friday is the craft fair (The Aunt Sara version this year which should be extra fun!) and Saturday H1 and SiL(H) come in - FUN!!! Then, it's time to shift into high gear for the holidays. Whew!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Gisselle!!!

Happy Birthday Sister-in-Law!!! Hope you have an awesome day (how can it not be since you're off work today!!)!!!

Fangs for the Mammaries

Whoa! Totally Vampy weekend! First, I went and saw Twilight on Saturday night!!! H2 generously offered to babysit so H2GF and I (and Ian) could go see the movie. Turns out it was so late that J was home and hung out with H2 anyway.

Here are my thoughts on the movie: I liked it.....but I don't think it's going to win ANY awards. I felt like it was overacted by most of the actors. I spent a lot of the movie laughing, which I didn't expect. In the book, when vampires are in sunlight, their skin sparkles. A very big deal about how to achieve this effect was made by the movie company, and they were successful, sort of. To me, when he did go into the sunlight to show her, he just looked really, really sweaty. They did hit most of the big plot points, but it was kind of rushed, although the movie run time was 2 hours. I guess it's just that there was so much in the movie that it was hard to condense it all, so I wonder if anyone who hasn't read the books will follow the story or if it appears that it all happened too quickly. BUT, it did make $70 million opening weekend, so I guess they will be making movie #2 in the 4-part series. I'll totally buy the DVD.
One of the funniest parts was a scene where some of the girls are trying on formal dresses for the Prom, and Ian finally got interested when one of the girls tried on a particularly "chesticularly revealing" dress! Hahahaha!! Then, after the movie was over and we were leaving, there were 3 black ladies walking ahead of us. One said to her friend, "The movie was okay, but that sure was one good-looking white boy!"

Then, Sunday, was the season finale of True Blood. They wrapped up the loose story lines pretty well, left a few big new questions to get you ready for season 2, and promised season 2 in the Summer instead of Fall (yay!). My only complaint was not enough Eric time....he's my favorite vampire and he had less than a minute of screen time in this episode (Pam too, can't forget Pam!)!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things that go bump in the night

First off, our kitties, Jake and Elwood, are officially girls. New names are needed - Ian votes for Isabella and Sophia, BB wants Violet and Sapphire or some crazy thing, I vote for Sookie and Bella. Mom thinks Jackie and Ellie (a femalization of Jake and Elwood).

We had a short Molly scare last night. I was on the computer in the dining room and BB was in the living room watching TV. BB yells, "No Molly" and I come running out to see Molly standing there holding an OPEN bottle of Children's Motrin. I called Auntie M, who said to call Poison Control (Duh! Where was my head?). Poison control said with the amount she might have had she would be fine. The bottle was half full when I grabbed it and I don't remember how full it was before Molly got hold of it. I can't figure out how she got the bottle off the top of the dresser, and how she opened the child-proof cap!!! But, she is fine and no worries. Thank goodness I planned on coloring my hair last night because I sure had a few extra gray hairs after that episode!!!

Twilight opens tomorrow...I wanna goooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! I'm frustrated b/c I can't figure out when I'm going to be able to go. Too much other stuff going on. Know this, however - I will go see Twilight, oh yes, I will.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Walkin' on Sunshine

So I'm walking outside of my building at lunchtime, thinking about sex. (Hey, I've got 3 kids - it happens!) I must have had "a look" on my face, because a woman approached me and tried to hand me a Jehovah Witness pamphlet and told me I needed God in my life. (Insert "Oh God!" joke here.)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ice, Ice, Baby

First, let me say the Renaissance Festival was fun! I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was neat. I took a few pics, so hopefully I'll be able to post one soon.

True Blood on Sunday was the funniest episode ever! The scene where Jessica (brand new vamp) tells Bill (who was forced to make her a vampire) "You're the worst maker EVER!! wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and "I'm gonna find a real vampire to kick your ass!" Hahaha!!! The look on his face was priceless! One episode left for the season - can't wait but sorry it's almost over.

Recently, I bought a new comforter set for our bedroom. (Loves it!) Anyway, it came with two decorative pillows, one large square and one small rectangle. J likes to use the rectangle pillow. Last night he told me why: "It keeps the cold away from me." Huh? "The cold being you." Oh man, that hurts!!! (I guess it's true - the truth really DOES hurt!)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh Lawdy, do I have problems!!

J and I are sitting in the dining room and he is fixing himself a drink. He looks at the different bottles of booze on the bar and says, "I need to develop more of a taste for tequila. It seems I do most of the drinking." To which I reply:

"I'm not really much of a drinker. That's the problem." And then we both started laughing.

I guess if not being a drinker is my biggest problem, things are alright in my world.

Friday, November 14, 2008

You're still a ding-dong!*

*I love those Alltell Chad commercials!

Why, oh why, does Murphy's Law love us so much? We finally decided to bit the bullet (Sookie, my little bullet-sucker...oops, True Blood reference, sorry) and buy a new TV, and last night the washing machine died in the middle of the rinse cycle. So there I was, wringing out clothes by hand to put them into the dryer. And of course, this morning would be the one where Molly woke up and had an epic poo that crawled out of her diaper and onto the bedclothes. Bah!

I have to admit I am kind of excited about the TV though. Apparently it's not as thick (?) as the one we have, meaning it won't take up as much space, and I'm always happy about household items that don't take up much space. We're going to give the one we have to Ian. His TV is pretty fuzzy and the sound doesn't work. Poor thing has to play Guitar Hero by sight! (I know, it's a tough life.) I feel conflicted about giving him the big TV, as it feels kind of extravagant, BUT, he will be moving out in a couple of years and this will be a good TV for him when he goes. And it does seem silly to get rid of his and buy him a new, smaller one.

Oh, and I must welcome the newest member of the True Blood following...(drum roll please).....ChiaPop!!! Welcome, welcome!!! Does this mean we'll be seeing you Sunday night? There's only this Sunday and next, then the season is over :(

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sleepless is as Sleepless does

So. Sleepy........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Jerrod worked last night, and since we've been pretty low on groceries, and ran out of diapers, I had to go to Hellmart. I fed the kids, bathed the girls, put Molly to bed, and headed out around 8:00 to shop. Got back around 9:40, unloaded the car, and J got home at 10:00. Was just finishing up basic stuff, getting ready for work, etc., when I heard Molly start crying....and cough/barking. Shit.

One Albuterol treatment with no improvement later, we're in the ER. Until 1:00 am. She got some steroids and something different in the nebulizer, did much better, and we were on our way. She's better, but I'm sooooo tired!!! She got another treatment before we left the house this morning, and she's not wheezing, but still barking a bit. Hopefully that will clear up soon or I will be headed home shortly. Since I am the only person from my group in the office today I'm hoping to stay here. However, the Lawd may have other plans.

Oh, and the Asshole Monologues were cancelled, so we're waiting to hear when they are rescheduled. Kind of a bummer, but I think I'd be too tired to enjoy it tonight anyway.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cathole Monologues

Cute Molly Moment: Driving in this morning, this song came on the ipod. Ian wanted to listen, BB didn't. So we listened, and it ended right as we pulled up in front of Mom's house. During the song, I thought I caught bits of Molly-Moo singing (you know, the "la-la, la-la, la-la part). Well when the song ended and the next song came on, she started crying "No! No!", so I skipped to the next song, "No! No!". We tried this a few more times with the same results, so I skipped back to the Gorillaz and said, "How about this one?" "Yes," she said, and sang along.

It looks like we are planning a trip to the Renaissance Festival on Sunday. Judging from the accounts of the Houston trip, it sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

AND, Thursday night we are going with KenEllie to see Chris Rose perform The Asshole Monologues. Kind of a spoof on the Vagina Monologues, I guess. I had heard that it was pretty funny, so I'm looking forward to 1-2 hours of asshole humor.

Lastly, the kitties are growing day by day. They seem to prefer Bridget, but they crawl all over anyone who's sitting on the couch. And they've picked up the subtle art of sticking their butts in your face. Yay.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Okay, more like a middle-aged housewife than a porn star.

So. I went to Sears Friday night. I called at 6:15 to see if the manager was in; he was. I got to Sears at 6:30...locked up tight as a drum and dark as night. The hours say 8am to 7pm. Hmmm...not off to a good start. I wake up Saturday morning and get to Sears by 8:00, there's already a line of about 7 cars. I park on the side and walk up to the register and wait, and wait, and wait, getting angrier with each passing minute. I finally talk to Jamal and....he listens to me. He gets into the car and we go for a ride, and he listens to the car. He doesn't think it's the brakes, but he gets his guy to take it for a spin and they talk about it. Then they take my car to the back, and take it apart. He shows me the brakes and rotor are fine (like I have any idea what to look for) He does a whole front end inspection, makes sure fluids and grease and stuff are okay, tightens a few loose nuts and bolts, and repacks some balls of some sort. Then they take another ride. He tells me the noise is gone and all is good, possibly the loose bolts were causing something to rub. This took up almost two hours. No charge for any of the work. Then he realizes he got grease on my floormat, and sends me down the street to a "detail service" to clean it and pays for it.

I have to say, I'm pretty happy. He was courteous and professional. I still think the previous trouble I had with the breaks prevents me from stating that I had a wonderful experience with Sears, but I will say I am satisfied with yesterday's service. Thank you baby Jesus!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sears Sucks Like A Porn Star*

*I know I used that title for Home Depot once before, but if the shoe fits...

I hate confrontation. Anyone who knows me knows this. Now I have to go out to Sears tonight, AGAIN, to deal with my brakes. This has been going on since Easter, people.

Here’s the timeline:

03/22/08: Brought my car in for new tires and brakes. 4 New tires were put on and front brakes replaced.

05/31/08: Brought car back for flat repair and brake repair (brakes sounded like they were grinding together). Fixed the flat, couldn’t get to brakes, said when the brakes were replaced the rotors were not turned. Spoke with Jamal (Auto Center Manager) and arranged to bring the car back Friday, June 6 after 5:30 to have the rotors turned.

06/06/08: Brought the car in at 5:48 to have the rotors turned. Manager on duty was not made aware of my previous discussion with Jamal. Left the car, came back at 7:30 and was told by the Manager on duty that the rotors were turned.

07/24/08: Brought car in due to grinding noise. Was told rotors needed to be turned, were not turned 06/06. Sears was not able to work on the car this day due to volume of cars waiting.

08/08/08: Brought car back. Was told I needed rear shoes, front pads (under warranty), and replace front rotor as it was too far gone to turn. Discussed what was under warranty, took car home. Telephone discussion with Jamal regarding parts, warranty, and negligence on the part of Sears as far as not doing a complete job. Jamal agreed to do all work under warranty; in addition, I would pay for rear shoes and labor and Jamal would replace front rotors (incl. labor) for free.

9/12/08: Brought car in for work agreed to by phone with Jamal. Went over everything again with Jamal in person (warranty work, I pay rear shoes, Sears pays front rotor). Picked up car 9/13/08, was informed by Jamal that work was done and front rotor was turned, not replaced, but it was fine.

11/07/08: Bringing car back. Has been making grinding noises for 2 weeks. It’s probably the front rotor.

This is 7 visits for a fucking brake job. I don't want to argue and throw a fit but I know he's going to try to renege on the free rotor. My stomach already hurts and I've got a headache. PLUS, now AGAIN, I won't have a car tonight or all day tomorrow. Fucking bastards.

Monday, November 3, 2008

That bitch never blogs!

J says I need to post something. Hmmm,how about this:

How come whenever I hear this song I think about H1? I don't remember it being his favorite or anything. I don't remember any special shared experiences while this song was playing...any reason it reminds me of you, H1?

We missed H2 and GF last night while we watched True Blood. It was awesome! My favorite line (I have to paraphrase, I can't remember exact words):
Jason: (speaking to his new girlfriend who just convinced him to kidnap a vampire) I should have known when you walked into my life carrying that huge bag of one has a purse that big that doesn't have something seriously fucked up inside of it.