Monday, August 1, 2011

For Jerrod

(Oh My Gosh - we were babies!!)

Happy 19th Anniversary Love!

I can’t believe we’ve come this far already. As I look back over our years together, I see that our life together is similar to romance novels in many ways:

When we started dating (in 10th grade), our relationship was like a YA romance: You were the Street-wise Bad Boy, I was the Innocent Shy Girl. No one would have pictured us together, not even us! But it was Instant Attraction and no matter how hard we fought it, we did get together, and by the end of high school we were The Couple Everyone Knew Would Last.

Then, in college, things got a bit bumpy; there may have been a “break” involved. At this point, our relationship was like a Contemporary Romance: We loved each other but were also trying to decide who we were as individuals. A road trip for you, some self-discovery for me…but we missed each other. Midnight phone calls, love letters…and a surprise road trip home. Read forward a few pages to our wedding day… We were definitely a Reunited Lovers story.  With a newborn baby in the One Year Later epilogue :)

Our life together has also been an Erotic Romance, a Comedic Romance (sometimes at the same time, lol), and an Inspirational Romance. One thing it has not been is a May/December Romance, although you repeatedly claim it is (I’m only 5 months older than you, damnit!).

Over the years, one thing has remained constant – our love for each other. Even when the things in life that don’t show up in romance novels (like you leaving your dirty clothes in front of the hamper, or me "rearranging" your spices in the kitchen), you’re still my Hero – a wonderful husband and father, friend and lover.
  • If our life was a Historical Romance, I'd be the Wallflower and you'd be the Reformed Rake.
  • If our life was a Vampire Romance, I’d let you suck me anytime.
  • If our life was a Fairy Story, you’d be my Summer King, bringing sunshine and warmth into my life.
  • If our life was an Urban Fantasy Romance, we’d fight the bad guys together.
  • If our life was a Paranormal Romance, you’d be my Alpha Werewolf - large and in charge but totally dedicated to me and our children .

We’ve been married to each other almost half our lives: Thank you for loving me, giving me beautiful babies, sharing the fun parts and comforting me during the tough spots. Thank you for my very own Happily Ever After.

With Love Always,