Friday, June 5, 2009


Earlier this evening, I'm cooking dinner, and BB asks, "What's for dinner?" I tell her I'm cooking "sort-of Mexican (Mexican't) and I think she'll like it", to which she replies, "Well, there's always Chef Boyardee in the cabinet." Ouch - thanks for that vote of confidence, kid!

I noticed the other day that when couples are out together, the man usually drives. Sometimes it's the woman, but usually the man. Which leads me to this theory: The person who drives the car wears the pants in the relationship. Discuss amongst yourselves, I'll wait.

Thanks to my recent reads, I've come to another decision regarding my interaction with people. In addition to calling my home (or bedroom) a lair, my husband a mate and my children offspring, I like the idea of a boon (it comes up a bit in paranormal books). So, if you need any sort of favor, I'm happy to oblige, as long as you ask for it as a boon....'cause then I get to grant a boon. Cool!!!

I've been working at The Unnamed Government Agency's (TUGA) offices all week. Nothing glamorous - just copying microfiche. A LOT of microfiche. And everytime I think I'm done it turns out there's more to do!!! I had to laugh though, because I printed a page that came out okay but not perfect, and I looked at it and thought "eh, good enough for government work" then had to laugh as I was in a government office. haha - copying microfiche gives you a LOT of time to think up crap like that.

Since I've been at TUGA all week, my girlfriend told me she misses me! How sweet is that - usually we e-mail back and forth and talk during the day. Miss you too!!!

AND, J made me laugh this week. After all the grief and ribbing he gives me about my beloved Sookie books, he asked me when the next book would be out (the last book came out last month). I told him May 2010, to which he replied, "That's too long."

Check out my countdown - TRUEBLOOD season 2 starts next Sunday!!! Excited much? Hell yeah!

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Stalker v1.5 said...

I do miss you - get your ass back to the office so we can gossip and vent! Consider it a boon.