Thursday, June 11, 2009

You see, what had happened was......

Ian asked me in the car today why I keep telling people what happened to his leg. Apparently telling people he's a gimp due to a Laser Tag injury is so not kewl. So we discussed a few replies:

1. He was helping an old lady who was being mugged and the mugger attacked him instead.
2. He fell into the swamp exhibit at the zoo and wrestled an alligator.
3. Was fishing with his dad and the Cracken got him.
4. Was bait for the police to nab a serial killer.
5. Stopped an assasination attempt on the mayor (immediately wished he hadn't).
6. Tried to stop a car from going over a fallen bridge.
7. Stopped a falling elevator, saving 2 ladies and a baby from certain death.
8. Fought Chuck Norris and lived to tell about it (nah - nobody would believe that one!!)


Stalker v1.5 said...

No. 5 made me spit half-chewed almond all over my monitor. For this, I must injure right leg! Haha.

Great list!!

H1 said...

I would definitely believe the Cracken!

ian said...

you forgot. I fell into the shark tank at the aquarium and had to punch 30 sharks in the snout to survive

Major Dad said...

If you were a mythology geek like me, you would know that Kraken was spelled with a "K"! Hello!!!!

Patti said...

Hello - it's a lance!!! (sorry dear, couldn't resist)