Thursday, January 27, 2011

Okay, I couldn't wait...

So, here's a picture of Ian holding a SUPERAWESOMEAMAZING piece of paper:

Yes, that's a scholarship grant from Xavier University here in New Orleans - for a FULL SCHOLARSHIP!!! Yes, a 4-year scholarship to a private university. I am so proud of my boy!!

I know he wants to move away and go to college, but I'm hoping he'll take advantage of this offer and stay home (where food and electricity are free). Xavier University has one of only two pharmacy schools in the entire state of Louisiana.

I'm so excited I've been on a cloud since he found out!

Poor Bridget is upset she won't be moving into his bedroom next year :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's that time of year again...

(Bridget at the National D-Day Museum on Saturday)
(I wasn't going to mention she makes me crazy with those bangs,
but...she makes me crazy with those bangs!!!!)

Bridget started taking dance lessons when she was 4 or 5. The first year was okay, but the 2nd and 3rd years were miserable. She'd cry at each lesson - she hated it and I hated it. Three years ago we agreed to let her try Girl Scouts. The first year was okay, but the last two years have been amazing - she loves it! She likes the camping and the crafts and the field trips to make/learn/do. I'm thrilled she's getting to have fun with girls her age and learn while doing it. Kids grow up too fast and I want her to stay a kid a while longer. I'm glad she found scouting and I hope she sticks with it.

Oh, and....Does anyone want to buy any Girl Scout cookies??

Monday, January 24, 2011

What's in a name?

(Molly at the Park on Sunday)

When I was a kid, I used to tell people my name was "Patti Lynn Sheba Smith H(last name)". Sheba was the dog, Smith is my maternal grandparents' last name.

If you ask Molly her name, she'll tell you "Molly-moo, Little Bird, Monkey Butt, Grace, S(last name)".

If you can tell a lot about a person by their name, I'm not sure what that name says about my girl...

(Molly asleep on the couch in her bathrobe,
still clutching her juice, Sunday night)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My heart goes out to Australia

Watching the flooding in Australia is breaking my heart. I hear the stories and feel so helpless.

I can't help being reminded of Hurricane Katrina's devastation:
(pics on the top are Australia 2011, pics on the bottom are New Orleans 2005)

I hope enough lessons were learned 5 years ago to help Australia now; my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spy School starts early...

So, here’s the scoop on the weird pre-serial killer kid that Bridget picked up:

Apparently a few weeks ago she was outside with Molly and this kid introduced himself, said he was from Russia and was looking for friends. Okay, fine, whatever. He’s 11 and lives on the street that crosses our street, around the corner about two blocks down. Bridget will be 10 next month so really the age difference is not that big.

Apparently he’s come over a few times after school, before I get home from work. Jerrod is home. He also came over during the winter break, when Ian was babysitting, but the kids know no one is allowed in the house when Jerrod or myself isn’t at home. Jerrod also said the kid came over once on a school day when BB was in school (I guess public school had the day off).

Jerrod has commented that he doesn’t think the kid is all there, but I just assumed it was a language barrier thing…

So, the other night I come home from work and he’s in the house playing with the girls. He’s sitting in the living room with his shoe and sock off and he walks over to me in the kitchen and says “I can’t walk, I hurt my foot and I think it’s broken”. Of course at this point I have no clue what’s going on and say, “Oh, okay, I’ll take you home.” And he proceeds to tell me he can’t walk. At. All. Except that he’s doing just fine from the living room to the kitchen. I send him back into the living room to put his shoe/sock on and will drive him home. He tells me he can’t walk. I tell him if he can walk to the kitchen, he can walk to the car, I’m not carrying him.

He gets into the car, and the girls come with. All the way there he’s talking about how they can come in and play while I talk to his mom. I explain to him that they’re not coming over to play, we’re just dropping him off and going back home. It’s like he doesn’t hear me – he keeps insisting that they will come in and play for a while.

We get to the house and he walks up the walk (no limp) and goes inside and yells, “Mom, someone’s here” and tells the girls to come in. I tell the girls no and we’ll wait on the stoop. His mom says something from another room and he says “there’s someone at the door to see you”, like we just showed up and asked for his mother. I explain to her that he says he hurt his foot and I wanted to get him home safely (it was full dark).

After I get back home, Jerrod tells me this:
The kid is into everything – he grabbed Ian’s sword, he went into the garage and tried to convince Bridget to play with the bow/arrows even though she told him they’re not allowed – he told her it wasn’t real and wouldn’t hurt anyone (Yes, they are real). Then he was pulling the cats and when Jerrod lectured him and told him just because they’re not human doesn’t mean they’re not alive, the kid looked away and ignored him until he was done, then went back for the cat. At that point, Jerrod said it was time to go home. The kid told him he didn’t have to be home until after midnight (!!!). Jerrod told him it was time to go home now at which point the kid claimed to have hurt his foot.

Soooooo, with all that information on hand, Jerrod and I sat down with Bridget and explained that while we aren’t telling her not to be friends with this kid, we are telling her to be careful. We told her under no circumstances is he allowed into the house when we’re not home (not even to use the bathroom), and she’s going to have to be alert because although he’s older than she is, he seems to be confused about the boundaries between appropriate and inappropriate behavior. We gave some worst case scenarios that could have happened if he had used the arrows while Molly was in the backyard, and pointed out his behavior with the cats. She says she understands, and I hope that she does, but we are definitely keeping an eye on this kid. As I am not a medical professional, I can’t label the kid, but the signals he’s throwing out are definitely not right. I don’t know if it’s autism or something else, but I don’t want the girls to be accidentally hurt because we figured he’s harmless.

And, as always, I wonder if we’re doing the right thing. Is the kid just different? Are we hampering the chance for him to have frinds? Are we “helicoptering” the girls? I think in this case we’re doing the best we can.

Monday, January 10, 2011

What did I miss?

Jerrod is complaining no one is blogging…glad to know it’s not just me :) Honestly, between work and the holidays, the last month just flashed by.

Christmas was a nice, quiet affair, the kids I think were happy with their loot. Jerrod and I agreed not to exchange gifts this year, and I have to say it made things a lot less stressful. Of course, we each got each other something from the kids, but there wasn’t the need to buy, buy, buy, which felt pretty good. Neither of us really needed anything, and since I worked a lot of overtime in the week leading up to Christmas, Jerrod did most of the shopping anyway.

New Year’s weekend was a blast, as expected. The trip to Houston was uneventful and we were able to leave Thursday morning instead of Thursday night, which made a huge difference. Hannah’s mother was also visiting, so we got to spend time with her – she’s such a sweet, sweet lady. The highlights of the visit: $300 worth of fireworks on New Year’s Eve, partying with the neighbors across the street who didn’t speak English (not me folks, I went to bed at 12:01!), and the restaurant/petting zoo. Oh, and we finally got to go to HEB – I have to say, it was pretty awesome – the baked goods and tortillas (and churros!) and meat were amazing. Michael is looking really good and I hear he’s back at work since Jan 4, I think…

So now, it’s just getting back into the groove. The kids are back in school. I spend Saturday doing all the cleaning I didn’t do the last two weekends and it felt kind of good. Yesterday I didn’t shower or get out of my pajamas ALL DAY – that’s right folks, just my way of saving the environment by not using water to bathe or wash a pesky extra set of clothing.

I’m still not reading as much as usual, so I feel like my book blog is suffering, but it’s completely the fault of my new phone – that’s right, I finally got the EVO. Have I read the instruction manual yet? Nope, it’s still in the cellophane wrapper, but I will, I promise!! Ian has been very, very helpful putting in ringtones and apps for me.

I have dry cough I can’t get rid of. Jerrod brought me some cough syrup and I’ve been swigging straight from the bottle. I know it has guafisin (sp?) in it without reading the label. How? Because my pee smells like mint. Yes, guafisin has that effect on me – and it makes my taste buds wonky. Does anyone else have this side-effect? I’ve got to read the label and check…

Lastly, I’ll end my "diarrhea du plume" (would that be diarrhea of the pen?) and leave you with this:

Molly: Can I say “shut up”?
Me: No.
Molly: Can I say “stupid”?
Me: No.
Molly: Can I say “whatever”? (LOL, you should hear he say it – perfect teen inflection!)
Me: No.
Molly: Can I say “What the heck”?
Me: No.
Molly: I can’t say anything!

Oh, and there’s this weird Russian kid who’s started hanging out with BB – I think he’s got potential to be a serial killer (I am sooooo not kidding). I’m saving that post for another day!

Friday, January 7, 2011


Trying to see I'm smarter than my phone. Time will tell...

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