Monday, November 24, 2008

Fangs for the Mammaries

Whoa! Totally Vampy weekend! First, I went and saw Twilight on Saturday night!!! H2 generously offered to babysit so H2GF and I (and Ian) could go see the movie. Turns out it was so late that J was home and hung out with H2 anyway.

Here are my thoughts on the movie: I liked it.....but I don't think it's going to win ANY awards. I felt like it was overacted by most of the actors. I spent a lot of the movie laughing, which I didn't expect. In the book, when vampires are in sunlight, their skin sparkles. A very big deal about how to achieve this effect was made by the movie company, and they were successful, sort of. To me, when he did go into the sunlight to show her, he just looked really, really sweaty. They did hit most of the big plot points, but it was kind of rushed, although the movie run time was 2 hours. I guess it's just that there was so much in the movie that it was hard to condense it all, so I wonder if anyone who hasn't read the books will follow the story or if it appears that it all happened too quickly. BUT, it did make $70 million opening weekend, so I guess they will be making movie #2 in the 4-part series. I'll totally buy the DVD.
One of the funniest parts was a scene where some of the girls are trying on formal dresses for the Prom, and Ian finally got interested when one of the girls tried on a particularly "chesticularly revealing" dress! Hahahaha!! Then, after the movie was over and we were leaving, there were 3 black ladies walking ahead of us. One said to her friend, "The movie was okay, but that sure was one good-looking white boy!"

Then, Sunday, was the season finale of True Blood. They wrapped up the loose story lines pretty well, left a few big new questions to get you ready for season 2, and promised season 2 in the Summer instead of Fall (yay!). My only complaint was not enough Eric time....he's my favorite vampire and he had less than a minute of screen time in this episode (Pam too, can't forget Pam!)!!!

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Stalker v1.5 said...

Excited to see the final True Blood - sorry to hear it is Eric light. Hopefully they will see the error of their ways before next season!!