Friday, November 14, 2008

You're still a ding-dong!*

*I love those Alltell Chad commercials!

Why, oh why, does Murphy's Law love us so much? We finally decided to bit the bullet (Sookie, my little bullet-sucker...oops, True Blood reference, sorry) and buy a new TV, and last night the washing machine died in the middle of the rinse cycle. So there I was, wringing out clothes by hand to put them into the dryer. And of course, this morning would be the one where Molly woke up and had an epic poo that crawled out of her diaper and onto the bedclothes. Bah!

I have to admit I am kind of excited about the TV though. Apparently it's not as thick (?) as the one we have, meaning it won't take up as much space, and I'm always happy about household items that don't take up much space. We're going to give the one we have to Ian. His TV is pretty fuzzy and the sound doesn't work. Poor thing has to play Guitar Hero by sight! (I know, it's a tough life.) I feel conflicted about giving him the big TV, as it feels kind of extravagant, BUT, he will be moving out in a couple of years and this will be a good TV for him when he goes. And it does seem silly to get rid of his and buy him a new, smaller one.

Oh, and I must welcome the newest member of the True Blood following...(drum roll please).....ChiaPop!!! Welcome, welcome!!! Does this mean we'll be seeing you Sunday night? There's only this Sunday and next, then the season is over :(


Major Dad said...

"Every day I'm hustlin'. Everyday I'm hustlin'. Every day...Every day...Every day I'm hustlin". Its only money, my love. We'll make more. And stop being so uptight about Ian's T.V. Understand that even I know that Ian does alot for us and deserves it.

Stalker v1.5 said...

Another one turned to the dark side ... ahhh.

chiapop said...

If you can get past the gratuitous sex every few minutes, there's actually some interesting theology at play in the storyline.

Pretty blatant social justice type stuff also.

And the local references are pretty interesting.

Patti said...

Yes, J, you're right!

Yes, Dad, you're right too. What do you mean, get past the gratutious sex scenes, who doesn't want to watch hot vampire sex? Oh ummm, I mean, what you said. Yeah.

H1 said...

I have the season ripped on VCD's so far, if Chia missed anything I can send them to him. And check under the washer and make sure the belt didn't come off or break, it's a lot cheaper to replace than the whole washer. (If the belt comes off it will not drain. Ask me how I know. hahahaha)