Sunday, November 9, 2008

Okay, more like a middle-aged housewife than a porn star.

So. I went to Sears Friday night. I called at 6:15 to see if the manager was in; he was. I got to Sears at 6:30...locked up tight as a drum and dark as night. The hours say 8am to 7pm. Hmmm...not off to a good start. I wake up Saturday morning and get to Sears by 8:00, there's already a line of about 7 cars. I park on the side and walk up to the register and wait, and wait, and wait, getting angrier with each passing minute. I finally talk to Jamal and....he listens to me. He gets into the car and we go for a ride, and he listens to the car. He doesn't think it's the brakes, but he gets his guy to take it for a spin and they talk about it. Then they take my car to the back, and take it apart. He shows me the brakes and rotor are fine (like I have any idea what to look for) He does a whole front end inspection, makes sure fluids and grease and stuff are okay, tightens a few loose nuts and bolts, and repacks some balls of some sort. Then they take another ride. He tells me the noise is gone and all is good, possibly the loose bolts were causing something to rub. This took up almost two hours. No charge for any of the work. Then he realizes he got grease on my floormat, and sends me down the street to a "detail service" to clean it and pays for it.

I have to say, I'm pretty happy. He was courteous and professional. I still think the previous trouble I had with the breaks prevents me from stating that I had a wonderful experience with Sears, but I will say I am satisfied with yesterday's service. Thank you baby Jesus!


Anonymous said...

Yah! Gettin' yer balls packed usually does the trick!!

Louisiana Rose said...

Tires and batteries, I tell ya! NOTHING else. My nightmare was Sears Charleston.