Monday, November 3, 2008

That bitch never blogs!

J says I need to post something. Hmmm,how about this:

How come whenever I hear this song I think about H1? I don't remember it being his favorite or anything. I don't remember any special shared experiences while this song was playing...any reason it reminds me of you, H1?

We missed H2 and GF last night while we watched True Blood. It was awesome! My favorite line (I have to paraphrase, I can't remember exact words):
Jason: (speaking to his new girlfriend who just convinced him to kidnap a vampire) I should have known when you walked into my life carrying that huge bag of one has a purse that big that doesn't have something seriously fucked up inside of it.


Major Dad said...

Thank you for the Blog, my Dear. As for the song, the last time you heard it was with me, so what kind of Oedipal syndrome are you suffering with? Hmmm?

Stalker v1.5 said...

Yeh, hmmm? hahaha!!

pops said...

I seem to remember one of you kids liking that video a lot. Could have been H1.

H1 said...

I do like that video. I probably use to watch it a lot.