Monday, October 6, 2008

Well, !*&^%!

Yeah, that's right, I said it !*&^%! Um, no, actually, I think Molly said it - yesterday. We were in BB's room, and Molly knocked over a toy boat. We both said "Uh-oh", then Molly finished with "Oh Shit". Yeah, I can't blame that one on anyone else but me. I say that A LOT. A LOT LOT. So, I sit here now with a rubber band around my wrist, determined to break myself of that habit. I can see it now "Oh shit!" SNAP! "Oh shit! That hurt" SNAP! "Oh shit (SNAP) Damnit!!" Yeah, that's going to go well.

Oh - I read a great book this weekend. I've been trying to find something to read to get myself out of the Twilight universe, and up until this weekend had been unsuccessful. I checked out three books at the library, but only read the first few pages of one and couldn't even bring myself to open the other two (The Tortilla Curtain, Beloved, and Angela's Ashes, respectively). There is a theme to these books - they're all depressing. Which is why I couldn't read them. On a whim, I picked up a copy of The Time Traveler's Wife - it was terrific! In addition to being a love story, there was a lot of discussion about theology, literature, theories of time and space, and punk rock (and a bit of sex sprinkled in). And now as I look up the link I see it's being made into a movie! I want to recommend this book to a particular friend, but I'm afraid he might be a bit of an intellectual snob and am therefore hesitant to suggest it to him. But I'm relatively certain he would enjoy it. I'll have to decide if I want to suggest it and risk his thinking I'm a low-brow idiot. Although it's possible he already does.

Yesterday, while trying to finish the last few pages of the book, I asked BB to play with Molly for 10 minutes so I could finish. They're running around the house, and as I finish the last page, I hear a thud and a piercing cry. Molly fell and BB fell on top of her, causing Molly to bite her upper lip. Of course there's blood everywhere (ironically getting blood on the Twilight t-shirt I was wearing) but she's fine. She does have a puffy upper lip and a scab front and center, but she's eating and I don't plan to give her any hot peppers anytime soon so she should be fine.

I am now excitedly awaiting the call from the library that my next reading adventure, The Outlander Series, is in. This series was suggested by Aunt S., and looks like it will be good.

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Stalker v1.5 said...

Poor Molly keeps jacking her mouth up!! Poor boo-boo!