Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Laugh with me,not at me.

Well, thanks to Aunt S.'s book recommendation, I've been ignoring my blog, the television, and, to some extent, my life. Outlander was awesome - I'm waiting for the library to call and tell me they have the next few.

Kenny finished reading the Twilight series - he agreed it was a good book...not awesome, but he said he enjoyed it. Glad I could broaden your horizons, Kenny-son. (I don't think anyone's coming to take away your Man Card!) We're going to go see the movie while H1 and SIL are in town - can't wait!!!

BB's Quote of the Day:
We're watching Chuck, and one of the lead characters is a very shapely blonde. Somehow the conversation got around to her boobs and BB said something to the effect of J likes looking at her boobs.
J: "I'm not a boob man."
BB: "Oh, so you're a private man?"
I almost fell out of the chair I was laughing so hard.

The next morning: I'm driving the kids to school, and U2's "Beautiful Day" is playing on the radio. I ask BB if I should sing it to her as she gets out of the car to go into school. "No," she says, "Just say: Bye, BB. Get out."

The weather has recently gotten cooler, and so the air is a bit drier (yay for me!). Molly's hair, from where she pulls it, is short on top and longer in the back. Now that the air is drier, the short hair on top stands up, so she's got a cute punk-rock hairdo. (Can I say "punk rock" and "hairdo" in the same sentence?)

We had a great time with H2 and GF Sunday watching True Blood - the TV series is pretty funny in a camp sort of way:
Eric (1000 year old Viking Vamp): "I texted you three times and you did not reply."
Bill (less than 200 year old Confederate Vamp): "I hate using the number keys to type."


Stalker v1.5 said...

Me <3 Eric.

pops said...

You are SO funny!! I wonder where BB gets it? Hmmmm...