Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello or Goodbye?

As you can see, I haven’t been around in a while. I don’t know if that will be permanent or not. I’m hoping it’s just that May kicked my ass and not that I’m done.

Here’s what happened, sort of…

Hubs and I had a loooong conversation, if you will, about how much time I spend online and reading. And he’s mostly right. Part of the problem is that my laptop is in the dining room and everyone else hangs out in the living room. Part of the attraction of the interwebz is that for someone who doesn’t have much time in the day to get out, there’s lots going on online and I can participate from home. In my pajamas. With or without a shower. Then you get sucked in and oops, where did the time go?

So, first thing I did? Cancel my Facebook account and quit this blog. I didn’t delete it, but I’m not sure if I’m going to continue.

I also thought about closing my book blog, but enjoy it and don’t want to shut it down. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it – finish up my obligations (through the summer) and close? Take on a 2nd reviewer – if I can find one? Limit my book review to 1 or 2 a week? With a full-time day job and a family, it’s starting to be a bit overwhelming. That being said, I still love being a part of it. Part of the networking that comes along with the book blog is twitter – I haven’t shut that down and probably won’t. I like twitter and it’s easy to do from my phone (although I hate Twitter for Android so if anyone knows a better app that’s easier for a technophobe like me I’d be willing to listen).

So, if you’re still here, a lot did happen in May, and I have a lot to talk about. I’m going to put up a few quick posts about the highlights:

Ian’s graduation and subsequent registration for college,
Bridget’s birthday party,
My fabulous birthday trip to Houston to meet Charlaine Harris,
As well as the regular family stuff.

And I have pictures.

Thanks for sticking around. Really; I love using this blog as an outlet and miss it.


Chris said...

Well, I hope at the very least you keep your book blog, even if you just post a few times a month!

But yeah, there are just too many things, aren't there? I haven't joined Facebook or Twitter because I'm pretty sure they would be the straws that broke this camel's back, you know?

Hannah said...

We missed you too!

Major Dad said...

I support everything that you love, baby...I just want the new kid to know her mother like the "old" kids do.