Friday, June 3, 2011

Ian’s Graduation

Well, he finally did it! Ian graduated May 25 – he’s officially done with high school (and we’re officially done with high school tuition!). We’re so proud of him. He had a nice crowd of friends and family at the graduation to cheer him on.

That weekend he had to register for fall classes at Xavier University, where he is in the Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy program. I was impressed they had his schedule all ready for him (he did not get to pick his own schedule, which is probably a good thing, lol). His first semester is 15 hours and his second semester is 18 hours. He’s taking classes like Chemistry, Lab, Honors English, and Calculus; with extra credit hours earned for English and Calculus if he passes (he needs a 3.0 to keep his scholarship, so he needs to pass). He’ll probably go into the actual pharmacy program after his Sophomore year. I’m going to stop pestering him about getting a job now, lol.

I think I mentioned before that he got a full four-year scholarship, so we were thrilled about that. The State of Louisiana also has a college assistance program for every student who graduates high school (TOPS). Ian’s GPA was high enough that he got extra $$, so the college will hold that and he can purchase his books with it. Whatever he doesn’t use will go into his bank account.

I’m thrilled and worried for him all at the same time. I remember when he started high school I was the same way. I didn’t want him to fail or get beat up. Why would either have happened? I don’t know – I just worry, it’s what I do. So I’m trying to remind myself that he’ll be fine and he’s growing up and this is part of it.

Congratulations son, I love you.


Louisiana Rose said...

We are alsso very proud of him!

Hannah said...

I love the way he is taller than everyone on the stage!

Louisiana Rose said...

And better looking!