Monday, March 8, 2010

A little bit of fun...

I did a bit of Spring Cleaning this weekend, and on Sunday J and I took Bridget and Molly to breakfast where Ian works, then J took the girls to the Zoo while Ian was at work. I had the whole house to myself to clean (and maybe do a bit of reading? I'll never tell!!).

Molly is obviously feeling better after her pneumonia (Dr. visit was yesterday, all is well and weather was around 65 yesterday and she only got her feet wet here so this is okay!):

Bridget and Molly climbing up Monkey Hill:

Near the main entrance (you can't see it here but it was so beautiful yesterday that practically the whole city was at the Zoo - J said it was very crowded, luckily they got there early):

Sisterly love:

Thanks J for giving the girls a great day and giving me a kid break!!!


Hannah said...

Awwwhhh, he IS a good husband! Now I'm gonna run and tell everyone he's a softie. haha

Cherry said...

Aahh... the bigger one looks mischievous... ;)