Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm changing my name from "Mom" to something else...

Lots going on on the homefront these days...

Ian's doctor appointment Friday was not what we had hoped. The doctor said he didn't expect any more improvement so we're basically at where Ian will be for the rest of his life. He said in his experience nerve replacement surgery (or whatever they call it) doesn't really have great results, but he is going to talk to a specialist to get a 2nd opinion. On a positive note, Ian asked about accupuncture for pain management of his foot and the doctor said that is a great idea and recommended an accupuncturist who works at Children's.

As mentioned before, Molly was sick over Mardi Gras. She was better for about a week but starting Friday (Bridget's birthday), she started getting sick again. I took her to the pediatrician today and she has pneumonia. They said if I'd waited another day she'd be in the hospital. They gave her a shot, some oral meds, and nebulizer every four hours. I'm sure she'll be perking up soon.

Bridget's 9th birthday was Friday. As we always let the birthday person pick the restaurant, she picked Outback Steakhouse. On a Friday during Lent. Needless to say Jerrod and Bridget enjoyed their meat. The rest of us had fish. Seriously though, it was good and we all had a great time and she got some cool gifts and they sang to her.

Oh, I can't forget to mention - the plumber. I've been hearing a running pipe since around Mardi Gras,but with everything else going on hadn't been able to really do anything about it. We finally had a plumber come out last week. $3500 later, we have a new pipe and water heater. Our leak under the house was a hot water leak, which in addition to losing water, was running our water heater all the time trying to keep the water hot, so it died due to overuse (it was 25 years old, I really can't complain). But, it is nice to be able to take a hot shower again!!!

And, I'll leave you with these nuggets of family life:

Me, looking deep into Molly's eyes: Your eyes are so pretty.
Molly, looking back into my eyes: Your eyes are evil.

Jerrod, driving through the city: Hey, look, there's a wifi on my iphone named "Bridget's wifi". Your sister's got her own wifi!
Ian: With a forehead that size she should.


Cecile said...

Oh Patti... {{{hugs to you honey}}}
Girl... when it rains it pours! I am sorry to hear about all that... But I am glad that Ian's doctor will get a second opin. that is important. I am glad that Molly is on the bend of a recovery! And the hot water... well, just think of the things under your house that enjoyed your hot water..... !!!!!!!! Now that should have made you laugh... wait... oh... no... you might want to go pass out eviction notices... lol! Love ya dear! There is a silver lining! I will come back with that one, lol!

Louisiana Rose said...

One day you'll change your name to Grandma, that's the best!!! but, I will match this years Gas Heater replacement to your Plumbing Water Heater issues! Just know it never ends, that's what keeps life interesting. (I love my toasty warm home.)

Danielle87 said...

Pneumonia and a $3500 plumbing job? How totally and utterly sucky, babe! My heart goes out to you. Hope things improve.

And as for an alternative to 'mom' - how about 'John Matthew's love slave'? ... Just a suggestion :)

Patti said...

Cecile - thanks, hon. I keep telling myself it could be worse and I'm glad for all the other wonderful things in my life. But, sometimes a girls just gotta let it out...

Mom - I have a 16-year-old kid - I don't want to be a grandma!!! But, this experience did remind me how grateful I am for hot water, no matter the cost! (remember when we came back from Africa and were thankful to do our laundry in the washing machine instead of a bucket? It's all a matter of perspective!)

Danielle - John Matthew's love slave? Love it!!! Thanks for the smile! And, on the plus side, while I sit and hold her while she rests I'm reading Morganville Vamps, so that's pretty awesome!

Hannah said...

But Hannah, why don't you want to have any kids and bask in the joy of motherhood?

Go ask Patti.

*hugs gff*

Patti said...

Hannah - *snort!*