Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Just a few things floating around that I keep forgetting to post:

I tried to get myself kidnapped last week. The shuttle that takes me to the garage uses a white van during the day when it's slow. I was reading a book while waiting for the shuttle, and when it pulled up I grabbed the handle but it was locked. I tried again and looked up at the driver, who was waiving his hands in the universal "no" sign, and then realized that it was not the shuttle van but a random white van. Holy cow - I could have been on the back of a milk carton!

Also last week, the guy in the drive-thru window at McDonaldshad better eyeshadow than me. He was totally working the "smokey eye" look and I wanted to ask for lessons! He also had great jewelry - necklace, bracelets, and a cute funky belt. The only thing that ruined his look? His beard. Yes, beard.

Last night, J and I were laying in bed talking. I was cold (as usual) and he was warm (as usual) and when I put my hands on him he jumped. So I warmed my hands up a bit and put them on him again. "Is that better?" I asked...."Better than what? A corpse?" was his reply.

Then he said, "You're going to blog about this, aren't you?" Just because you're right doesn't mean you're not an ass. But you're my ass and I love you!!


ParaJunkee said...

A corpse??? I would stick my cold feet in his butt.

I had a pedophile moment at the Starbucks on Clearview, instead of a beard moment. OMG, if Anya wasn't in the car I might have propositioned him. My co-worker says I'm not a cougar cause I'm in my 30s I'm actually a Puma. I can't reach Cougar status until 40s.

Cecile said...

Now I am not sure what is funnier... Your post of Para's comment!!! So we are Puma's!!
The sad part is my daughter is taking a liking to younger guys.. She is only 16! That would make her what??

Patti... McDonalds...OMG... That is hilarious!
And the van... Yeah... I park as far away as I can in the shopping malls from vans like that, lol!!

And J, you are hilarious but not the only one... Daughter does that to me all the time..."Guess you are going to blog about this huh.."

Well, how else would I share my life's funny moments with!

Have a great day honey!

Hannah said...

Puma? I resemble that remark!! haha

The MeXXican said...

I love blogs that end with Major DB being called an ass...