Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

First, let's start with
GEAUX SAINTS!!! 13-0!!!

This one's for you Hannah, you're welcome!

And I didn't forget the menz:

(I don't know who these girls are but I know that I hate them)

The Holiday Party Saturday night was nice - we almost didn't make it due to street flooding, but thanks to J's mad driving skillz and flashing police lights we got there just fine. Afterwards, we went to some bar downtown near H1 and SIL's hotel. It was surreal. I guess because I haven't been to a dance bar in years. If we go out, it's usually to some hole-in-the wall where we can sit and drink and hang out. Standing at this bar watching all the people made me happy I'm not at that point in my life anymore...I can remember when it used to be fun but now? Nah, I'll take the crappy old bar with stuff on the walls that's older than I am.

Many, many, many thanks to H1 for bringing me a replacement laptop. I was starting to get the shakes from laptop withdrawal! J's already teasing me about my addiction.

Last night I was in the bathroom with Molly while she pooped on the big toilet (yay!) and I said, "I love you boo-boo." She said "poo poo?" and I said, "no, boo-boo". "Poo poo?" "No, Boo Boo" "poo poo?" I finally said, "how about if I call you moo-moo?" and she said "No. My name is Molly-moo."

It has become an annual trip for us at New Year's and 4th of July to visit H1 and SIL in Houston. The apartment we usually stay at in Houston is booked this year, so we're going to stay at a hotel this time - the one we're looking at has an indoor pool so the kids are happy. The hotel is right next door to the Galleria so I am happy. Me: Right next door? Yay - I can get drunk and walk to the Galleria! J: No freakin' way am I letting you get drunk and then wander off to spend money!


Hannah said...

Haha - I can see the two of us in the Galleria after a couple drinkies.

Can we say bankruptcy? Of course we can!

And thanks for my Shockey! Mmm, Mmm good!!!

Cecile said...

Oh ladies, You crack me up!!!!
Drinking, walking, shopping... what could go wrong!! Not a thing (but a broke bank account... needing more drinks while we shop of course) ~ Sorry J... that does sound pretty awesome to me too!!!
Have a great day Patti!

Major Dad said...

UHHHHHHHHH.......Ain't Happening!!!!

That would be like H2 drunk in a strip club!!! Money is bound to be spent:>

Hannah said...

Oooo-Weee ... H2 in da skrip club is a license to go BROKE ...

Hey - I miss that!!