Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Can't get rid of Michael Jackson (insert "Beat It" joke here)

I'm not exactly sure how to preface this story....I guess some of the kids at school have been talking about Michael Jackson - maybe because Thriller always comes up around Halloween? My 3rd grader, BB, has mentioned him a few times in the last month, and I let her watch Thriller and Beat It on youtube a few weeks ago. (She didn't know which one was MJ until I told her.)

Well, this weekend, J got SIL a gorgeous book about Frida Kahlo, sort of a copy of her diary with pictures and commentary. My 3-year-old opened the book to a picture of Frida (not this one) and said, "Is that Michael Jackson?" WTH? Since then, she's asked about Michael Jackson several times, and when "Beat It" covered by John Mayer and Fall Out Boy came on the radio, Molly asked me to replay her Michael Jackson song over and over.

As I am sitting here typing this, she's sitting next to me with her play phone:
ring, ring, ring......"hello Michael Jackson!"

Oh, God, make it stop, please!!!

In other kid news, when I took Ian to his Halloween party, he commented "Oh, we're driving by Laser Tag. I didn't realize he lived near here." At which point BB pipes up from the back seat, "You got to go to Laser Tag - you're so lucky!"

Ian's answer: "Shut. Up."

And on the potty-training front: BB encouraged Molly to pee in the toilet, "Molly, you'll be a big girl if you go potty on the toilet." Molly: "I don't want to be a big girl." BB: "What do you want to be?" Molly: "I want to be a vampire!!"


Cecile said...

Just Beat It, Beat It... No one likes to...lmao!! I could not resist!! I love your kids banter!
With his movie out... you know he will be everywhere!

Hannah (Stalker) said...

Michael Jackson obsessions and vampire aspirations. Coincidence?


Hilarious these kids!

H1 said...

"hello Michael Jackson!" That was too funny.