Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

Guess who I saw on Saturday? Yup - Charlaine Harris!!!! The book signing was awesome! We got there early and were number 3-6 in line!!! They gave out numbers so we didn't actually have to stand in line and went and got coffee and shopped a bit. We had a blast. I even think Ian, my Book Mule, had a good time too! At one shop, I had put aside a couple of fake apples to buy, and while I was browsing the rest of the store, he secretly paid for them! How sweet is that? He's such a good boy! I have pics but they're on my home computer, will have to update when I get home.

Ms. Harris was so sweet and answered questions and was very gracious and chatted a bit with us as she signed her books. She said Pam is her favorite character and after her next book, Dead in the Family, she is contracted for three more books.

H1 and SIL I think had a great time too. After the signing, SIL met J and H1 at VooDooFest and they didn't get home until 4 am!! I took the kids trick-or-treating (mom sent me more pics, will post soon) and spent the rest of the evening in quiet.

Then Sunday, we woke up late, had lunch at a local Japanese restaurant, and H1/SIL headed home to Houston.

The funniest thing happened yesterday - Molly was in her room playing, and Mike went outside to his truck. As soon as the door shut, Molly comes running out of her room "Where's My Mike?" - we have no idea how she knew it was him that left the house. My theory - she felt a disturbance in the Force.

And, while they were getting ready to leave, H1 and BB were bouncing Molly off the air mattress. She'd sit on the corner, and H1/BB would plop onto the mattress and Molly would literally fly through the air - it was super funny - until she landed face first on the edge of an open suitcase. Poor baby!!! But I swear - if we'd have caught it on video - we'd be on that Funniest Video show, it was hysterical!


Stalker v1.5 said...

Best weekend ever. EVER I SAID!!

Thank you for everything!!!

Cecile said...

OMG... you all had such a wonderful weekend! I am glad that you all go to enjoy each other! And I am glad that the book signing was great for you!!!!!
Sorry about Molly and the suitcase. But all in all, you had a great weekend!!!