Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Crazy doesn't come in small packages

As I'm headed home, a car tries to cut in front of the car in front of me to make a left turn from the center lane. The car in front of me slams on their brakes, I slam on my brakes, and the ladybehind me slams on her brakes a second too late and hits me. I'm fine, she's fine. Slight damage to my bumper, much more damage to hers.

As most of you know, one of my brothers is NOPD (stationed in a different section of town). So I call him to find out if I need to get a police report or can I just leave after getting insurance info. He advises call NOPD and get a police report, which I do. As the lady and I are waiting, some homeless guy across the street starts hollering belligerently at us. He's in a wheelchair and had apparently fallen out. He's screaming at us about how we're more worried about our cars than his life. Well, let me tell you - the stuff he was screaming at us - I don't care if Jesus came down and tapped me on the shoulder and told me to help this guy up, there was no freakin' way I was going anywhere near him. He got back into his chair with no problems, and wheels himself over to us, GETS OUT OF THE WHEELCHAIR, and starts to rip parts off both of our cars!!! He was screaming obscenities at us the whole time. Very agitated and aggressive - wished we'd burned up in flames, we were going to hell, we're bitches, he's gonna get us, etc. You would think, guy in wheelchair, are you kidding? But really, he was bad. So we called 911 again after he tried to threaten the other lady and a couple of cars showed up to rescue us.

During this whole thing, I was on the phone between my brother and my husband (who is with the Sheriff's Office) so I must say a big THANKS to you both - thanks for putting up with all my frantic phone calls!


Cecile said...

Didn't know that side of your family. More than ever my prayers are with you. As far as this person... I can not even say the things I wish to say here. Only that what comes around, goes around! And one day, he will sit on a freaking snake that bites his @$$. UGH! And people wonder why no one wants to help out another person... For freaks like that... UGH!!!
I will leave on a good night... Patti, thanks for the email! =)
I am sorry for the wreck, but I am very glad to hear that all parties in concerned were okay.
Have a great night and soak in a hot tub!!!

Stalker v1.5 said...

See, that right there, that is what I miss about NoLa. You don't find crazy like that anywhere else on the planet. Glad you okies.

Anonymous said...

well i found out from my NOPD classmate,mr wheelchair was not happy to go to jail and that he even managed to hit his head more than once...hint hint...getting in the police car and accidently fell down on his face...hint hint...when he got to lock-up.

Got to Love the NOPD


MAjor Dad said...

Now he's mine!!! (Don't need to hint!!!)

Belle said...

Geez!! Nothing like crazy homeless yelling at you to top off a wreck. Glad you're okay!