Monday, October 19, 2009


Woo-Hoo!!! Saints are 5-0!!! Time to break out your cha-ching t-shirts! (I know you saved them!)

Yesterday BB went on a Girl Scout field trip - I think it was called a Heritage Journey or something. She got to go to the Cabildo, which is cool - I've never been but it's one of the places I'd love to see.

On the drive home:
BB: How old will I be in 11 years?
Me: You're 8 now, plus 11 years - do the math.
BB: Oh, I'll be 19. Cool! (pause) You'll probably be dead.
Me: (in my head) I love my kids, I love my kids, I love my kids!!!

I'm getting excited about Halloween. Usually as Halloween approaches I get sad and moody. I wrote a post about it but haven't decided if I'm willing to share. This year I'm actually looking forward to Halloween. I know this is going to sound crazy and self-centered but this year especially I think fate took pity on me and set this up. Will I forget? No. But I think it's going to be a good day - Charlaine Harris and H1/SIL(H) - what's not to be excited about?


Stalker v1.5 said...

LITTLE KID EXCITED!!! We are going to squeel like teenagers all weekend long!!!


Cecile said...

I so thought about going. I even showed hubby on the net what it was. He just looked at me and said (you ready for this ~ now remember we do the big dress up for Halloween) "Do you know what kind of freaks are going to be there?" Exactly what he meant, I never got around to asking. That Friday is my bday!
But I know you and Stalker will have a blast (because you are going )!!!
Well, I know I do not the story... but I will hope that you enjoy yourself this Halloween season!

ChiaPop said...

BB just gets more and more precious as she gets older!!

w/v: "tarit" - what you do just before you fetherit.

Patti said...

Stalker it's going to be awesome!

Cecile - If you change your mind - let me know - you should come, it's gonna be awesome!!!

Pop - I dont' know if "precious" is the word I was thinking at the time!