Monday, September 28, 2009

Is it Monday already?

The weekend went by quick! LSU and the Saints won (woo-hoo!). I didn't actually watch either game this weekend (although I did listen to part of the Saints game at the grocery store).

We finally bit the bullet and got Molly's bed. We went out and looked at a few, picked the one I saw online, a matching dresser, and a new dresser for BB. They're supposed to deliver it all on Saturday which is pretty damn good, in my opinion. The trip home from the furniture store went something like this:

Molly: I want my big girl bed.
Me: The men are going to bring it to our house.
Molly: Oh....I want my big girl bed.
Me: It won't fit in the car, honey. The men have to bring it in a big truck.
(repeat 75 times)

J finally got his wedding ring back from the jewelry store, all repaired and gorgeous. Now I don't have to pee on him before he leaves the house anymore!!! (you know, to mark my territory...okay, maybe a few too many paranormal romances? Nah.) And he bought me a beautiful ring I've had my eye on for a few months - what a sweetheart! He's not even making me wait for Christmas!!! Thank you baby!!!

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Feeling Fit With Dana said...

Good Monday morning! I love Mondays!

I've had that same conversation (or something similar) with my kids over the years. LOL!! Congrats on the new ring, glad you don't have to pee on your man every morning anymore, that can get old quick!

Stopping by from SITS!!