Monday, September 28, 2009

I am using the Jedi Mind Trick on you...right now.

Here's the deal - I (heart) Richelle Mead. I've loved her Succubus series, and now I'm totally on the Vampire Academy wagon. I'm so jealous of other bloggers who've been to her signings (so, so jealous!). Well, she put up a poll on her blog of where she should go for a signing - she'll go to the top 3 cities - AND NEW ORLEANS IS ONE OF THE CHOICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm begging you - if the city you live in is not on the list - please go to her site (link conviently located below) and vote for New Orleans. If you don't give two shits who Richelle Mead is - please click the link and vote for New Orleans. If you value all that is wholesome like springtime and puppies and walks in the park - please click the link and vote for New Orleans!!! We never get any authors here - they all go to Houston or Atlanta. Think of it as doing your part to help in the recovery of our economy after Hurricane Katrina (Oh, yes, I just went there!!!).

All I'm saying (begging) is: CLICK IT!!! (and vote for New Orleans) And I read on her blog she just got engaged (Congratulations Ms. Mead!) and what city is more romantic than New Orleans, really?

Poll: Where would you like Richelle Mead to visit?
(Of course, I would never advocate voting from your home AND work computers. Nope, not me.)


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SusiSunshine said...

Voted for you on both PCs. Hope you can meet her!

Patti said...

Thanks ladies!!!!

Anonymous said...

I voted, again. And is it my imagination, or did NOLA move up the list from yesterday?