Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eye love you to death.

Happy (day before) Easter!!! When I wrote my last post and said "nothing else going on here", it wasn't a complaint - let me make that clear. Because someone upstairs must have taken it as such.....Thursday J calls me at work to tell me I need to pick up GuacaMolly because he's in the E.R. having his eye washed. They put some kind of drip into it like Chinese water torture. Long story short, he got paint thinner in his eye at work and got a chemical burn on his cornea. He's been going to the doctor every morning and will continue to do so for a while. He's putting all kinds of stuff into his eye to keep it dilated, and some other medicines, including one that states clearly on the package that it's for infants of mothers with obvious gonorrhea - WTF? His eye is all red and he looks like he's had just a bit more than too much crack. His main complaint, not that it hurts (it does), but that he can't drink until it's healed. My poor baby! And what do I do to help it along? (STOP READING HERE IF YOU ARE EATING OR RELATED TO ME) He and I are busy with the dirty bad fun and I accidentally punched him in the eye!!! Yeah, that eye. (Payback for my nose, methinks?)


Ah, the joys of having a teenager - We colored Easter eggs tonight. In case it's too blurry - let me spell these out for you: Whispering Egg and Tater Nuts. (In case you couldn't tell, the one on the right is mine) Yes, our lovely, holy Easter eggs (huh?) reference a vagina and a nutsack. Tomorrow they're going to be deviled eggs and I'm not telling which ones are made from these! Bon appetit!


pops said...

Oooowwwwww!!! My EYES!!!!! I couldn't stop reading in time!!! Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow!!!

Stalker v1.5 said...

<3 the vamp easter egg, you rule. You also rule for dotting J's eye, you can't make that kinda stuff up!

H1 said...

You better be careful with the dirty bad fun, he is a child of mothers with obvious gonorrhea, hope you practiced safe sex. Ha Ha Ha!!!

(Ha Ha, the "Word Verification" at the bottom is "SPLAT".)

the MeXXican said...

Sweet suffering Jesus!

Obvious gonorrhea---no way in hell someone makes that up.

Geez Jerrod! Obvious venereal diseases aside, you aren't supposed to splash anything but water into your eyes.

Serves you right dumbass!