Sunday, March 8, 2009

Take it like a man

Well, after such a shitty Friday, the weekend has been great so far! Crawfish, barbeque shrimp, grilled to go to 2 birthday parties with BB - without Molly! Spent a fun night with the in-laws and H2 and GF, then DtM and DD came over as I was going to bed - J had a LATE night (or should I say early morning?) Lots of tequila, lots of is good.

I think Ian had a good weekend too - yesterday he went out shooting at the range, then came home and shucked oysters. After he was done, we gave him a beer and a shot - I know, right? But, I figured, he's home, he worked like a man, and maybe doing that every now and then (rare now and then) will take away some of the mystique......yyeeeaaahhhhhh. Sounded good at the time!

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