Friday, March 6, 2009

Make me happy.

I had a really, really bad afternoon. Not like "somebody died" bad, but just "why do I bother" bad. I am currently eyeing the bottle of tequila and plan to drink it all tonight. AND, in the middle of all the shit that went down at work, I dumped my full cup of diet coke and ice into my open desk drawer. Yeah, like I said, it was a great day.

Anyhoo, I did have one bright spot - I stumbled upon this. I laughed until I cried - really. I know it's probably not THAT funny, but I really needed it. I've perused the site and it cracks me up - nothing sexual (although under the sidebar favorites is a funny "first cake we had to censor") so it's good, clean fun. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Would you feel better to know I started to choke on my soda (before Lent) and coughed it into my keyboard at work? I tried to clean each key. The "L" stuck and so did the space bar! Luckily they got me a new keyboard and didn't charge me. ...Auntie M

Stalker v1.5 said...

Hee-larious! And yes, worst day in a long time. Hope the evening is getting better. Drinkies Ahoy!

Louisiana Rose said...

That was a cute blog site! I hope none of my cakes show up there! (You should add it to your list--kind of "fail blog" for cakes!)