Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Green-eyed Monster

I am having library envy. SIL(H) has been able to check out some of the books I've recommended at the Houston library. Most of the books I've either had to read on the internet (um, legally, yeah sure) or buy. Don't get me wrong. If I REALLY like the book, after I read it I will buy it. But, damn, I'd like to be able to read it in book form instead of straining my eyes staring at the computer and sorting through the typos. Our library sucked before the hurricane, now it blows, too. I know there are more important things the city needs to spend money on (like paying for the mayor to eat lunch with his wife), but it's this sort of "quality of life" issue that makes me crazy (crazier?)!

Hey SIL(H) - I noticed your library has my newest obsession on AUDIOBOOK!!!!!! We're talking pine-forest green here, not easter-egg pastels!!!

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Stalker v1.5 said...

Pine-forest green? Like the trees in people's cars green? How about I get you a copy, hmm? Put me back up a notch?

I love question marks!