Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yes, yes, yes, I'm alive! It's just that it's hard to type with a book stuck in your hand all the time. Yup, still reading. Alot.

Had a great New Year's weekend - drove to H-town and had a blast! Usually, when we're in Houston we go to Papasita's for dinner. Well, this trip H1 made delish lasagna instead. (You've got a keeper SIL(H), and I'm not just sayin' that 'cause he's my brother!) Well, when I came back to work after vacation, my co-worker asked me how was Papasita's...I told her we didn't go. She gave me this look like I just told her we killed babies and ate puppies. Apparently it made such an impression to her she mentioned it to SIL!!!

Work has gone from 0-60 in a day. That's good (billable hours, people!) but days like today make me wonder WTF?! It's okay - I know what I'm doing, but dayamn!!!

Oh, and I'm feeling so guilty about not sending out Christmas cards this year that I'm going to start working on them next week. Really.

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Stalker v1.5 said...

I feel ya on the Christmas cards, I was thinking about sending out apology cards or something. Something.

And who said there was anything wring with eating puppies. They are perfect with red gravy!