Friday, August 1, 2008

Sweet 16 and never been.......*

*oh...that's not gonna work.

I'm so glad I found you, sitting on that muddy cardboard, drunk, at a parade. It must have been fate, because even though I avoided you like the plague we are still together today! Thank you for my wonderful life and my beautiful children.

Happy 16th Anniversary to the love of my life, my babydaddy, my best friend. Here's to 16 more, and 16 more after that!!! After that I guess we could get divorced, if you're not hooked up to a lung machine and I'm not too senile to realize that we're still married...

I love you!!!!


Louisiana Rose said...

Ahhhh, how romantic! Happy 16th!! May you have 50 more! (Preferably sans lung machine.)

You too are beautiful, make beautiful babies and am proud to say you're family!!


(And 16 yrs??....Damn I'm old!)

Hannah said...

You two are precious. And I give ya credit, ya'll do make some perfect babies!! Hope you get to enjoy yourself!

pops said...

They had babies... they already enjoyed themselves!!


Yeah, well I'm enjoying myself more without babies!!!! I love you too, my dear. Even on a lung machine and knowing I can finally turn you in for two 18 year olds.