Monday, August 4, 2008

Well, you know, sometimes you just get caught up with life in general...

Friday when I came home from work there was a gorgeous bouquet of red roses and white lillies on the dining room table. (not these exactly but pretty close) Jerrod - they're beautiful! After dinner we went to the movies and saw The Mummy III (corny but good). It was nice to get out without the kids.
Saturday Ian and J went to see the latest Batman movie. I (surprisingly) had a nice time with BB and Molly at Target buying school supplies. Yes, school starts in less than two weeks!
Sunday we did nothing during the day but had Mom/Dad and H2/GF over for dinner. Molly was thrilled to see them all! At one point, the adults were sitting in the dining room having coffee, and the kids were elsewhere. I hear a bump, bump, thud, and the next thing I know H2 is laughing so hard he spit out his coffee!!! Apparently Molly was coming to see him and she walked into a wall. And H2 laughed at her. Poor baby. (okay, it was pretty funny) Later in the evening when she had her pajamas on, she brought H2 her new shoes and a pair of socks because she wanted him to put them on her. Picture this: Molly wearing blue and green "Buzz Lightyear" pajamas (for boys b/c they don't make them for girls), knee-high purple socks, and pink princess sneakers that light up when she walks. She was soooo cute!!!
Oh, and J and I started "the diet" (I mean, lifestyle change) again. I'm feeling pretty good about it. I've been wanting to get back on it for a few weeks so I think my head's in the right place. The few pounds I put back on really make a difference, so I'm anxious to lose them again plus more. Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (don't ask why there's no space between paragraphs, apparently Blogger's got an axe to grind. WTF?)


Hannah said...

We love to hate Blogger.

pops said...

True that! I've been thinking about moving my site to wordpress, but it'll have to be between semesters so I'll have some time to play with it.