Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This and That, or, That and This

First, let me say K-leen and B-man are in the hizz-ouse!!! Hahaha -that always embarasses the kids when I say it out loud (snicker, snort!). I hope they're having fun hanging out with my stinky angels.

I have to tell you my latest music obsession. I know, I know, last time I did that it was "Hey there Delilah" and now everytime I hear it I have to change the station then puke. How was I to know it would become the most-played song ever? But this song, "Give 'em What They Want" by the Vettes -I love it!!! It's by a local band (River Ridge) and, while it's getting quite a bit of play here, I'm not sure if they've gone national yet. If they haven't, hopefully they will soon.

Well, we went yesterday to look at a kitten (four to be exact) and potentially pick one out. I think we're gonna take two. They're very cute (males, we think) mostly black with white feet and white markings on the face. One has a white chin area with a dark "soul patch". It's pretty cute. They're only three weeks old, so they would stay with their mother for another four or five weeks, but I'm trying to think of names. Here's what I've come up with so far:

Pot and Kettle ('cause they're both black, duh!)
Harry and Ron, or
Fred and George
Frick and Frack
Chipotle and Serrano
Yours and Mine
Hustle and Flow

Any votes/suggestions?


Hannah said...

I vote for Pot & Kettle or Hustle & Flow. That is just too cute. Can't wait to see the kitties!


I like hustle and flow, too. So when they mess up and I bitch slap one of them, I won't feel as bad.

H1 said...

Ping and Pong?

Travis and Travis?

Pete and Repeat?

Barack and Hillary? hahahahahahaha

pops said...

Daryl and Daryl 'cause you didn't pick Larry?

Bric and Brac

Dog and Pony? That would REALLY mess Molly up for awhile!

How about Gray and Gray because nothing's ever really just black and white,now, is it?

Patti said...

I also thought about orangejello and lemonjello...

Hannah said...

No naming kitties after food. You be running around trying to get them in the house and I'd be getting hungry! hahahahaha

Pssst - Hustle & Flow. hehe

Louisiana Rose said...

Travis and Trevor

Bert and Ernie

Patti said...

or what about flotsam and jetsom?

H1 said...

Kenellie and Michannah?