Wednesday, July 16, 2008

BB's QotD

Whilst driving in the car this afternoon with my 3 hellions and Cousins K and B, the discussion turned to kilts. There was a slight debate about whether it is a "man skirt" (it's not) and then Cousin B pipes up that you can't wear underwear underneath a kilt.

At which point BB states: "Then people shorter than you will see your balls."

I'm still not sure how my 7-year-old daughter knows what balls are, or how to use the term in proper context ("proper" being a relative term).


Hannah said...

Are you serious?

This kid was singing (screaming?) "O - skeet, skeet, skeet ... sweat run down my Daddy's balls" out the window. Driving through the front gates of Disney. At age 4.

Did I mention it was loud?

Did I mention we all pretty much pissed ourselves?

Well it was and we did.

BBSDADDY!!!!!!!! said...

Frankly I'm shocked at this statem....Bahhahahahahhahahahah!!!!