Tuesday, July 29, 2008

There's no place like home.

Houston was wonderful! We got in around 10:30 Friday night and had a great time thereafter. Saturday went shopping with SIL(H) and Molly at the Galleria while the guys (and BB) played at Dave & Busters. Great dinner Sat, Sunday did a fun lunch and more D&B, followed by naps and dinner. Monday got up and went shopping at the liquor store at 10 am (hey, we're from New Orleans, what do you expect? At least we didn't bring our kids inside...this time), went into the Houston Tunnels, had lunch with SIL at the Houston branch of "the firm", and then came home. It was awesome!!! I can't even remember all the things we laughed about, but we laughed a lot!

While we were there, J bought me a pink, cordless mouse for my computer at work. I love it!!! It's exactly what I need! I've been complaining that my mouse cord is too short, and it keeps falling on the floor whenever I shut my drawer. Now, I can shut my drawer worry-free!

3 weeks before we left, I ordered $50 worth of cards from Coke Rewards, and they came in 4 days after I ordered them. That was quick, so I ordered $100 more 12 days before we left. They didn't come, and didn't come, and didn't come. Guess what was waiting for us in our mailbox upon our return? You guessed it, the D&B cards...which expire in November. I'm pretty sure we won't be back before they expire, so H1 and SIL(H), enjoy!!!


Hannah said...

Yahoo!! And thanks!

Louisiana Rose said...

$150.00 of Coke Rewards?? Someone drinks way too much Coke!

Glad y'all had a great time. wish we could have been there. Maybe our turn in Sept??