Thursday, July 24, 2008

The squeaky wheel gets the grease

I'm sitting here feeling very dirty. (Not THAT kind of dirty - get your mind out of the gutter!) I colored my hair last night and am getting it cut today, so I didn't wash it this morning. Oh the Horrors! Seriously, I am one of those people who has to wash their hair EVERY DAY. Even if I'm sick, not going anywhere, or going swimming later in the day I'll still wash my hair. So, until noon, I feel dirty. Then, after my haircut, I'll feel like those gals on TV who swish their hair in slo-mo while riding a horse or walking through a library so you can see how beautiful their hair is. Except I'll probably fall down the escalator at my first attempt at a swish. Maybe I'll try it at home first.

Then there's this. I can see it all from my window at work. Although I realize it's horrible for the environment, it's actually kind of interesting to see the boats out there pulling the booms (I think that's what they are) through the river to contain the spill. You can see the fuel on top of the river. And I can see the crane where they're trying to pull up the barge that broke in half. Tragic, but interesting.

One more day until we visit the H-clan in H-town!! Yippee!!!

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Hannah said...

Tresemme .... o-la-la.