Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Have a nice TRIP, see you next FALL...

Poor Molly. She's the tiniest member of our family and she's the one I keep trying to kill.

Let me start at the beginning...Back when she was just a tiny babe, right after I had just gone back to work after maternity leave, I fell on top of her. She was probably 12 1/2 weeks old, it was her first week at the babysitter's house, and it was raining. I was headed off to work, and it was cold so she was wrapped in a blanket. I was carrying her, the blanket, and a diaper bag full of breast milk. Usually I would just hand her off to Ma D on the front porch, but because I had all this stuff and it was bulky, I decided to step into the house to put down the bag and hand her off to Ma D inside. I stepped up and slipped on the wet doorsill, still holding Molly. Then, it all switched to slo-mo. I knew I was falling forward, and my first thought was to toss her onto the couch across the room...but no, she might bounce off and hit the floor. So, while falling forward, I tried to take very long steps as I fell. I almost made it...I landed on top of Molly on the edge of the couch. She cried, I cried, but she was okay. I checked her arms and legs and head and back and she was okay.

Fast forward to this weekend. We're driving back from Houston and need to make a bathroom stop. We stop in Jennings, LA at this pretty nice gas station. I take the 2 girls in, BB goes into a stall, and I change Molly on the wall-changer-thingy. I put her on the floor and BB comes out of the stall. I don't know what happened next but I fell. Again with the slo-mo. I tried to correct my balance but Molly was standing right there and I didn't want to step on her foot, but I couldn't correct and ended up knocking her over and falling on her. I landed on my arm which landed on her arm. The sunglasses, baby wipes, and diaper cream flew to the far corners of the bathroom. Other moms rushed over to make sure we were okay. Molly was screaming, BB was crying, I just sat on the bathroom floor holding Molly and making sure nothing was broken. And throught it all I really had to pee. So, after sitting a minute holding and consoling Molly, I get up and bring her to Jerrod, tell him what happened and head back to the bathroom for myself.

The whole rest of the trip, everytime she cried I worried her arm was broken. Poor baby, it's gonna be a miracle if she makes it to 2 years old without me accidentally smooshing her.



If I call social services will they take all the children?

Bahamas, here we come!!!!

Hannah said...

Haha ... they'll take 'em but before you get to the airport, they'll bring 'em back!!

Is that how Molly came about her "O" face? From "O Sh1t?"


HA!HA!HA! Its the same face that Mr. Bill used to make before he was crushed by Sluggo. You remember Mr. Bill from OLD SNL?