Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Big butts are great but they're also gross*

*uttered during BB's observations on celebrities.

Well, I noticed SIL's blog has a new look. Nice. I also notice that her blogroll notes when the blog was last updated. Nothing like a friendly reminder that you haven't blogged recently. I have, but still, I feel pressure to blog again. So don't expect anything spectacular here today. I'm just taking up space and working my way up SIL(H)'s blogroll!
Although, I must pat myself on the back - a few websites I've found have made it to other people's blogs!!!! Awww....(blushes)....you guys flatter me! Somehow, I just feel a little less lame.
Here's some random stuff that's been bugging me:

1. I think Molly really does have OCD. I joke about it, but apparently I joke about it because it's really bothering me. As I have mentioned before, she pulls out her hair and eats it (or at least chews on it). She loves to clean, and has become very interested in washing her hands. My hope is that these last two are just normal milestones that all kids go through. And, once we get back from Houston we're going to ditch the binky. Maybe she'll stop chewing her hair once that's gone - usually she pulls her hair then puts it and the binky in her mouth.
2. (Background: sometimes when I'm on my blog or another family member's blog, I'll click on the "next blog" link at the top of the page. I just goof around until I find something interesting, or give up and log off.) Twice in the last week I've found blogs by foreigners that refer to "fat Americans" or "lazy Americans". So I started poking around a bit, and find it is quite a common stereotype. Yes, I'm fat. And I'm an American. BUT, I'd like to think I'm more than that. I don't think I'm rude. When travelling I try not to stick out as an obvious tourist. I am fascinated with other countries and cultures and I assume other countries and cultures are interested in us. Why else would they come visit, work, and go to school? SOMETHING's gotta be right with this country, right?

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Hannah said...

What do we first do when we hate? We covet.

They covet.