Tuesday, July 8, 2008


*Same Shit, Different Day

So I was flipping channels this weekend while Molly was (thankfully) taking a short nap. I happened upon a really good documentary about Hurricane Katrina on Nova, through PBS. (The show was about an hour, and this link breaks it down into 6 segments.) Molly woke up before it was over, so I didn't get to see how they wrapped it up (yes, I know how the story ended, but did they end their program on a hopeful note, an accusatory note, or what?!), but while I was watching it I did get a bit teary-eyed. It's like watching a train wreck about to happen and knowing it's going to be terrible and you can't do anything to change it. I found that when they would flash a date or time across the screen I would mentally go to where I was at that time and how I felt like evacuating was going to be a waste of time and vacation hours from work. Boy was I wrong.

I would venture to say (although I didn't see the end) that this was one of the best documentaries about the storm that I've seen. Not sensational, well edited and good video clips.

And, if that gets you down, try watching this to cheer you up!

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wendy said...

Hi Patti:

I was looking for an email address for you, but couldn't find one. I am working with the online community team for Travel Channel and wanted to let you know that Samantha Brown visits New Orleans on her upcoming episode. The show airs tomorrow at 10:00 EST.

If you want more information about the show, just email me at wricci@room214.com.

I hope posting this comment is not offensive. I maintain my own personal blog and am familiar with the annoyance of spammy messasging.


Wendy Ricci
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