Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I thought today was going to start off better than yesterday. Yesterday I washed my hair, twice, with body wash, put in the conditioner, went to wash my body and realized what I had done, rewashed/conditioned my hair with the right stuff, and finished my shower. Then, at lunch time, I got into line at Subway, ordered my sandwich, and realized I had forgotten to stop at the ATM on the way to lunch and had to leave my sandwich in line and go get cash. Not a bad day, just an "off" day.

So this morning, I get up and see J's phone is on the couch, not with him at work. Okay, I'll call him later and he can get it from me at work. I hop into the shower and wash all the correct parts with all the correct products. I hear the phone ring twice and figure it's him, mentally noting I'll call him later. Then I hear knocking. Did he come home and can't get in? Well, he leaves the front door unlocked every morning, that can't be it. More knocking. I poke my head out of the shower curtain, he's not knocking at the bathroom window. More knocking. More peeking. More knocking. I finish rinsing off and hop out of the tub, and peek into the bedroom to see if he's knocking at the bedroom window. Nope.

So I open the bathroom door as I'm throwing on a bathrobe, and there is Ian, standing at the doorway, while I'm in all my full-frontal glory, because in my rush to get out I hadn't closed the robe yet. Turns out he was knocking on the bathroom door to tell me J called.

That boy is going to need therapy. Lots and lots of therapy.


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pops said...

Thank GOD I didn't have a mouthful of something!! I almost died laughing!!

spinney said...

Hey. At least he knocked!!!