Thursday, July 10, 2008

I feel guilt.

Today, on the way home from work, I told some dude he's No. 1. Yeah, I gave him The Finger. He deserved it!!! I was driving down Gen. DeGualle in the right lane, and there was a car stalled ahead of me. The cars in front of me were getting over into the left lane, and traffic was light enough that it wasn't creating a problem. So, I'm probably 2 car lengths behind the stalled car, with my blinker on, and starting to get into the left lane when the guy who was in the left lane, FURTHER BACK, decides he's not going to let me in, except my front end is already in his lane. So I get back into my lane and shoot him the bird. And I know he saw it because he honked. Here's what gets me. After he and another car went, I went around the stalled car, got back into my lane, and by the time we hit the red light I was ahead of him again. So what would have been the problem? I'm pretty sure the problem was that he's an asshole.

But now I feel guilt. My mom (and probably yours too) always said "Two wrongs don't make a right." And just because he was rude doesn't mean I should have been rude too. But I'm tired of people being rude. It happens too much lately, way too much.

So, what should I have done?


Hannah said...

#1, love the picture!

#2, I got yelled at by H1 last evening for letting someone know they are #1 and calling them a dirty name.

So I don't know if it is right or wrong ... but you know what I woulda done!! hehe

Gisselle said...

For extra measure I would've called him the "c" word. :)


mooned him?