Sunday, July 20, 2008

Everything's back to (not) normal.

Ian is in H-town for the week, he flew out yesterday. Cousins K and B left this morning to go back to Orlando. BB starts zoo camp tomorrow. Then, if I can make it through the week, we leave Friday evening for H-town....can't wait!!!!

Ian's birthday was nice, I think. DtM was kind enough to babysit and the whole fam all headed over to The Palace to see Hellboy 2. I enjoyed it, although it was a bit on the mushy side. I love the humor and the action, though, so I'd give it a thumb's up.

As Ian was getting ready to leave for Houston, he mentioned he needs to shave again soon. He's only done it once before, so I told him not to do it in Houston if his aunt or uncle are not home. Cousin B says, "I can see it now...(phone rings),Aunt Hannah, I was shaving and I cut myself, I think I'm dying, and she says, I can't leave work right now, baby, call Uncle Mike...meanwhile he's bleeding to death in their living room....hahahaha!" What a comedian!

We had a very nice visit with the cousins, I hope they had fun. BB and Molly miss them already. I was surprised how quickly she took to them, I wonder if she remembers them from vacation last month.

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Hannah said...

And you right ... "baby, call 911 and tell me what they say." hehe