Monday, May 5, 2008

It's a beautiful day...Don't let it get away!*

*U2, "Beautiful Day"

Oh. My. God. If you could see my face right now. Want to know what it looks like? Look in the dictionary under "red". Or look at a crawfish, or a tomato, get my point. The bridge of my nose hurts when I smile. But you know what? It was wonderful!!! JazzFest was awesome! The weather was beautiful. We walked around for miles, listened to great music, shopped, ate, spent time alone and hung out with friends. We caught Santana, The Neville Brothers, Amanda Shaw, and tons of other acts that I can't name. We are so totally doing it again next year! The only thing I didn't see that I did look for was the "jazz nest".

Of course, my diet has gone to shit. There was so much wonderful foot at Jazz Fest - crawfish bread anyone? And hurricanes, and Louisiana strawberry shortcake, and (oddly enough) gyros. And yes, I brought some crawfish bread for lunch today because it is so awesome. Saturday J picked a gazillion blackberries at work and made pancakes on Sun morning - yummy! This losing 15 lbs by vacation is not going well. My birthday is Sunday (yes, Mother's Day) so I'm finding it hard to believe I will be dieting that day. BUT, I don't want that 15 lbs I want to lose turn into 16 or 17, so I guess I need to channel my inner diet nazi. Tomorrow.


Hannah said...

The Neville Brothers?? JEALOUS!! I am glad to hear you had a great time, you deserve it!


I had a great time, my dear. I'm glad I bought the hat or I'd be a beet myself!! ALL I CAN SAY IS< "OYE COMO VA!!!