Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How new is new?

Well, today is the one-year anniversary of my new job. If it's been a year, is it still my "new" job? Considering I was with my last employer for almost 14 years, I would say this one is still new. I still miss my co-workers, especially my diet buddies.

Which segues into my diet progress....I had gained back one pound and was very upset with myself but I am happy to say that I'm back on track and that pound is gone. I'd still like to lose 15 by vacation (38 days - but who's counting?), but not sure if that's possible, especially with all the food events planned for this weekend. I'm gonna need some help, so at every meal I'm at this weekend, I need a designated "mayo bitch" to spread mayonnaise over everything on my plate when I'm not looking. Or, maybe just waft an open jar under my nose. I'll be so disgusted I won't be able to eat!!! Ugh, just thinking about it is making me cringe. Yuck.

1 comment:

Hannah said...

Oooo, if I was going to be there I would eat Mayo straight outta the jar to stop you. hehe

Glad you stuck with us for a whole year!