Saturday, May 3, 2008

Popularity is overrated.

I know I've talked about my extreme shyness before. Which, when I think about it, makes no sense that I have a blog. Hmmm...Anyhoo, we all know I'm more the "few close friends" than the "lots of social friends" type, and that my last best (non-family) friend left before the hurricane. Geez, that's 3 years. You also know J and I are not going to our 20-year high school reunion because I dread seeing all those people that I haven't kept in contact with even though he wants to go (thanks babe!).

Here's the thing. Someone from my past has contacted me. So far, I have only replied with "Hi, yes I remember you, I married that guy I was dating when I knew you, how are you?". I feel like I should start communication with this person, but something inside me keeps stopping me. What if they're weird/emotionally needy/stalker? OMG, who thinks that? Freakin' internet, giving people ways to contact ANYBODY.

OK, I have a husband who works more than full time, and a 14,7,and 1 year old, and a full time job. I moan that I miss my girlfriends, but do I really have time if they were still here? I talk to some of the moms at birthday partys, but that's no way to maintain a friendship (although I don't really see one developing past casual aquaintance). So why am I so freaked out about a new (old) friend? I'm not on myspace,, or any of those sites, I guess because I'm scared of running into someone I know? Is that a normal reaction? Do I need medical intervention?

Would a normal person be stressing out about this?


Hannah said...

20 years changes people. Some for the good, some not so much. Tread carefully!

spoiledmom said...

vicodin works wonders at parties! LOL

I'm not on any of those sites either. I "twitter" occasionally, but not with anyone in specific.

I keep in close contact with 2 of my high school friends. One of them, I have known since pre-K. We chat at least 2 times a month via phone and keep each other up to date on the goings on.
I have no overwhelming desire to meet up with anyone from my past.

I do, at times like to have someone online to chat with, someone who may not know the entire gory details of my youth and not judge me for teenage stupidity. I want a friend for the "now" stage of my life. A friend whom, if I see around town, I don't have to exchange a stiff smile with and listen to her ramblings on if I don't want to. However, I would like an online friend that I can laugh with and be myself around. Isn't it funny what the internet has done to us?

Sorry this turned into a post....LOL