Monday, March 17, 2008

Reaper Madness

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I forgot to wear green today, so pinch me! I forgot to send the kids to school with something green, so hopefully they don't get pinched.

On Saturday, BB, Molly, and I walked around the corner to a garage sale. Nothing big, I picked out a few shirts for Molly and a picture frame for me. BB saw a dress that she loved, and wanted to try it on to make sure it fit, so she put it on over the clothes she was wearing. It's a bit snug, but the lady told her she could have it for free (it was marked $.50) and if she lost a few pounds it would fit really well (she's right). She was so excited she got a free dress! So, BB wore that dress over her clothes all the way home. Picture this, BB running up the sidewalk, pushing Molly in the stroller, wearing pink "Vans"-style tennis shoes, a jean skirt with pink camo trim and matching shirt, and over all of it a sleeveless brown dress. As I walked behind them I thought to myself, if your life really does pass before your eyes when you die this is the kind of moment I hope I see.

Later that afternoon KenEllie came by, and we were looking up songs on youtube with Ian and I mentioned that song from the early 90s (?) "Detachable Penis" and Ian played it on youtube. Fast forward to bedtime, I'm tucking BB in and guess what she starts singing? You guessed it..."But Mom, I can't get it out of my head!"

J came home yesterday - yay! To celebrate we went to Chevy's with Mom and Dad. The service was horrible, let's leave it there. Ian and BB rode with Mom and Dad to the restaurant, and apparently had this conversation:

BB: I've never been down this street before.
Ian: Yes you have.
BB: Okay, only once. But other than that, never.
Dad: If you've done something once, you can't say you've never done it, because you have.
Ian: Like virginity?

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Hannah said...

BB singing "detachable penis" is the funniest so far!!! HAHA!