Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Good

Happy (?Sad? Merry? Sorrowful? What exactly is the greeting for this day?) Good Friday. Went on the 9 Churches walk with KenEllie and Chiamom - Oh my God my legs are sore!!! I did not realize it is a 5 mile walk! But it was good as usual (all 2 times I've gone I mean) and since one of my lenten resolutions was to go to Stations of the Cross it's good that I've now gone at least once. AND, I'm sunburned on 3/4 of my face (think Phantom of the Opera mask) - hopefully that will cover up with makeup!

Took my car to the shop today for new tires and breaks. They're keeping it overnight which is bad b/c J works tomorrow so now I'm without a car, temporarily. Some of you may be getting a phone call tomorrow :) Then we went to Marrero and bought shrimp, took it home and boiled it. Sat outside and ate shrimp with J and the kids - just quiet good times in the backyard. I hope that flashes before my eyes at "the end" too.

As I write this, Ian is on a date. Damn, I'm pretty old. How do I have one child dating and one in diapers? WTF were we thinking? Oh, yeah, I remember.... (heh, heh)... Moving on... he sent J a text that he's happy. What more could any parent ask for?

Speaking of J, he's been home for a week now and I couldn't be happier. He's been hanging out with the kids, done some home-repair chores, and most importantly, spent time with me!! It's a nice change from wondering where he is and what he's doing. It's like we're married. Oh yeah, we are married, although you can't fault me for wondering about his "other" family!

And, I have to share with you my new obsession - Nina by Nina Ricci (turn down your speakers). I love this stuff!!! Originally, I just wanted it because, yes, the bottle is shaped like an apple. But, turns out it smells great! It was okay in the bottle, but it really goes well with my pheromones, or personal scent, or hormones, or whatever. Love, love, love it!!!

So, I finally got BB to start reading Pippi Longstocking. She's reading it out loud and says "They were fond of her and she of them" or something like that. BB asks me what that means, and I tell her that means they like her and she likes them. "Oh, so they're gay." Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

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