Friday, March 14, 2008

Can we widen the door so my ego can fit through?

It has been a pretty good 24 hours. This morning I hit the 20 pounds lost mark!!! I'm feeling better about being able to stick with this but only feel minimally different (some clothes fit better but some still don't fit right). I keep reminding myself I will be able to notice a change soon.

AND, I got a call yesterday from an employment agency that wanted me to interview for a medical malpractice law firm. She said she thought I was exactly what they wanted and they were offering more than I'm making now!! BUT, I really like it here so I didn't even hesitate to say no thanks. It's more than I'm making but not enough to make me consider leaving what I consider to be a "cush" job. It did give me a nice little ego boost though!


pops said...

Hey, way to go!! See, you ARE appreciated! AND... you really DID look thinner the other day when I saw you.

Hannah said...

20 pounds?? I should say "Congrats" but all I can think is "bitch." hehe Congrats anyway!!

AND - you betta not leave us, we NEED you!!!


Congrads to you my love!!!!I can't wait to see you in the P.M.

Your loving husband